Bill Skarsgard’s John Wick Villain Might Be The Most Terrifying Yet

Bill Skarsgard is playing the Marquis de Gramont in John Wick 4, an assassin that is the moral opposite of Keanu Reeve's John Wick.

By Jonathan Klotz | Published

bill skarsgard john wick 4
Bill Skarsgard as Marquis de Gramont in John Wick 4

Bill Skarsgard has played terrifying monsters in the past, most famously Pennywise from the remake of It, but his latest villain will be going up against the Baba Yaga. Screenrant reports that the Swedish actor will play the Marquis de Gramont in John Wick 4, and it will be the titular assassin‘s biggest challenge yet. Keanu Reeves reluctant killer has faced more dangerous enemies with each installment, and now he’s up against a man that wants the world to be done with John Wick.

In describing his villainous character, Bill Skarsgard explains “The Marquis is a young man of unknown origin who has quickly climbed the ladder within the High Table doing god knows what.” Given the lengths of depravity and cruel violence displayed by Alfie Allen’s Russian gangster in the original film, which set John Wick on his ever-spiraling journey of revenge, how evil is Marquis de Gramont? Also relevant to the upcoming film, how high up the criminal underworld is Wick going to go?

Picking up where John Wick 3: Parabellum left off the new film brings Reeves assassin into direct conflict with the High Table. Bill Skarsgard’s Marquis de Gramont is a loyal soldier of the High Table, explaining “I always saw him as someone from the gutter that now savors the glittery suits he’s wearing. He functions as the new sheriff set out to rid the world of John Wick once and for all.”

Bill Skarsgard’s character sounds like a man with a lot to prove and a lot to lose. Going up against the Marquis is John Wick, a man with nothing to prove and nothing to lose. Of course, the Marquis de Gramont isn’t the only assassin taking a shot at the Baba Yaga in the fourth film.

keanu reeves
Keanu Reeves in John Wick 4

Joining Bill Skarsgard’s Marquis is Donne Yen as Caine, Clancy Brown as The Harbinger, Scott Adkins as Killa, Rina Sawayama as Akira, and Natalia Tena as Katie. Some of those characters will be foes out to prove themselves to the High Table, while others may be allies of John Wick. Though if the past three films are any indication each character can be both a friend and a foe at the same time.

Returning to the world of John Wick are Laurence Fishbourne as The Bowery King, Ian McShane as Winston Scott, and Lance Reddick as Charon. Bill Skarsgard may not have any on-screen interactions with those actors, but their character’s actions will ripple out and cause unforeseen issues across the world of assassination. Keanu Reeves long-running action franchise has always been able to balance amazing action with quiet political maneuvering, and John Wick Chapter 4 looks like it will continue the successful formula.

Fans can catch Bill Skarsgard’s evil assassin in John Wick Chapter 4 when the film releases on March 24th. The franchise’s first spin-off film, Ballerina starring Ana de Armas, Gabriel Byrne, and Norman Reedus has already started filming. The Continental, a Peacock streaming series starring Mel Gibson, is expected to be out later this year.