Ben Affleck Has Decided Whether To Return As Batman While #MakeTheBatfleckMovie Trends

Ben Affleck has made a decision about his future as Batman and it's caused some social media stir among his biggest fans.

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Ben Affleck took the superhero turn in DC and it was met with all kinds of reactions. Some fans loved the high-profile turn as Batman/ Bruce Wayne through his first few movies while others definitely didn’t get on board with the a-lister getting into the cape and cowl. He was polarizing in this way. Over the years, there have been a number of starts and stops with Affleck in the character, having both movies and series rumored to help expand his role in the universe. It looks like now we have for sure word about Affleck’s character in the DC Extended Universe and what the future holds. According to Small Screen, it looks like any plans for a Batman series are pretty much over even though the hashtag #MaketheBatfleckMovie is having a moment on Twitter. 

In this Small Screen article, there is a solid history about Ben Affleck in the Batman role and why there are no plans for a series or even a solo movie going forward. The simple answer is that he wants to focus more on directing. This character is so time-intensive from an acting and production standpoint that it makes that larger goal more difficult. That’s the simple explanation of course. There are more layers to the story, of course, especially considering the size and scope of the DC Extended Universe and the popularity of the character. It hasn’t exactly been a super smooth run for Affleck playing Batman so there’s likely a bit more to stepping away rather than just wanting to be behind the camera more. 

But that hasn’t stopped Ben Affleck fans from taking to Twitter to voice their support with the actor/ director making a solo movie or even series with the character. Check out some of the Tweets that are trending under the #MaketheBatfleckMovie hashtag:

Clearly, there’s a subset of DC fans that enjoyed Ben Affleck as Batman and want to see what he had in mind with a series and/or movie around the character. Considering his starring/ writing/ directing prowess with other films like The Town and Argo the guy has a real knack for taking control of all aspects of a film. Sure, Live By Night was a misstep in this regard, but having him helm a series or movie about Batman could have been one of the better things to enter the DC Extended Universe. 

And there’s no doubt that Ben Affleck originally embraced the Batman role at the outset and was excited about making a series and movie about the character. Apparently, he already had a script written (or at least mostly written) prior to Matt Reeves coming along and resetting the character with the upcoming The Batman. This played a part in Affleck’s decision as did some of the consternation and issues around making this last Justice League movie (both iterations). Combined together, it looks like Affleck has made up his mind and will make his last appearance as Batman in the upcoming The Flash movie. 

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So I don’t think we can plan for an extension of that Knightmare sequence we saw with Ben Affleck and Batman at the end of Zack Snyder’s Justice League. It looks like he’s nearing the end of the line with the character and focusing more on directing pursuits going forward. But it won’t stop fans from calling for more.