Spider-Woman Solo Movie Is Happening

An animated Spider-Woman feature film is in the works.

By Chad Langen | Updated

Sony is set to further expand the Spider-Verse by introducing a live-action version of Spider-Woman in next year’s hotly anticipated movie, Madame Web, featuring Sydney Sweeney in the lead role. However, this isn’t the only major development the studio is working on to enrich this superhero universe. Producer Amy Pascal recently told Variety that the studio’s upcoming projects include not just Beyond the Spider-Verse and Spider-Man 4, but also an animated feature focusing on Spider-Woman.

Pascal divulged details about the multitude of projects currently in development at Sony during the premiere of the animated movie Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse in Los Angeles on Tuesday. Along with Beyond the Spider-Verse, the third installment in the critically acclaimed and commercially successful franchise, she confirmed Spider-Man 4 is happening, with Tom Holland and Zendaya set to reprise their roles as Peter Parker and Mary Jane, respectively. She also revealed that the studio is actively working on an animated Spider-Woman movie, as well as a live-action Miles Morales film.

Given the apparent early phase of the Spider-Woman movie’s production, information about the project is scarce. Pascal didn’t share specifics regarding the cast, crew, or storyline for the film. In fact, the project isn’t even listed on IMDb at this time.

Sydney Sweeney
Sydney Sweeney, the live-action Spider-Woman

Spider-Woman, whose real name is Jessica Drew in the comics, is a complex and fascinating character. As a child, she was genetically enhanced with spider DNA by her scientist parents to save her life, giving her superhuman strength, agility, the ability to cling to surfaces, and a venomous blast. Overcoming her initial villainous stint under the manipulative influence of Hydra, she ultimately turned into a force for good, becoming a crucial member of the Avengers and a private detective while continually grappling with her complicated past.

Of course, in the expansive Marvel comics universe, Spider-Woman has seen several iterations. The first was Jessica Drew, succeeded by Julia Carpenter as the second and Mattie Franklin as the third. The highly talented Sydney Sweeney, known for her role in Euphoria, is set to portray Julia Carpenter in the forthcoming Spider-Man spin-off movie, Madame Web, marking the character’s exciting introduction into live-action.

Although the release date for Sony’s animated Spider-Woman feature remains unknown, fans can anticipate catching a glimpse of the character in Madame Web, set to hit theaters on February 16, 2024. In addition to Sydney Sweeney, the film stars Emma Roberts as Mary Parker, Isabela Merced as Anya Corazon, Dakota Johnson as Madam Web/Cassandra Webb, Celeste O’Connor as Mattie Franklin, and Adam Scott as Ben Parker. S.J. Clarkson is directing the feature from a screenplay by Kerem Sanga.

Sony’s upcoming Spider-Woman feature serves as a prime example of the studio’s commitment to fully exploring the potential of the Spider-Man character. Alongside the mainline Spider-Man films, Sony has adeptly expanded its cinematic universe with ventures like Venom, Morbius, and the highly anticipated Kraven the Hunter film. Moreover, the critically acclaimed Spider-Verse films showcase Sony’s boldness in exploring diverse iterations and variations within the rich Spider-Man mythos.

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