Ana De Armas’ Famous Co-Star Had A Terrible First Impression

One of Ana de Armas' most famous co-stars has admitted they had a pretty off-base first impression of the star.

By Britta DeVore | Published

ana de armas

Do you ever lie awake at night, running through an embarrassing situation over and over? We all know that terrible feeling that makes us want to swallow our faces after we said something stupid to someone else or misread a situation and made a dumb move because of it. And in today’s edition of “Celebs, they’re just like us!” revered actress, Jamie Lee Curtis, demonstrates that that feeling isn’t just reserved for non-Hollywood performers. So, what keeps Curtis awake at night? Her first interaction with her Knives Out co-star, Ana de Armas.

In a moment of total cringe that makes us want to retreat into a hedge like the gif of Homer Simpson, Curtis revealed to Elle that when she first met de Armas on the set of the Rian Johnson-helmed film, she was curious about the younger actress’ “dreams.” Because Ana de Armas had been in Cuba prior to filming, Curtis incorrectly believed that the actress had just stepped off the plane and into her first big Hollywood role. Yikes, yikes, yikes. Keep in mind that by this point in de Armas’ career, she already had some big credits to her name, including Blade Runner 2049, War Dogs, and Knock Knock

The mixup got even more awkward when Curtis saw what she believed was Ana de Armas’ untapped potential and wanted to introduce her to Steven Spielberg so that she would have a shot at starring as Maria in his then not-yet-filmed West Side Story. It got even weirder (we know, how is that possible?!) when Curtis wanted to introduce her new co-star to her godchildren, Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal only to learn that de Armas already knew Jake. Woof. Even typing this is making me want to lock myself in a room and never have another social interaction again.

Since the bizarre meeting, Curtis has said that she feels a “real embarrassment” around it all, acknowledging her assumptions of Ana de Armas being “an inexperienced, unsophisticated young woman” were uncalled for and uneducated. But it sounds like de Armas let it all go and maybe even found some of it amusing as she didn’t write the Halloween actress off based on their initial interaction. Curtis went on to say that de Armas is “curious and asks a lot of questions,” leading us to believe that she handled the slap in the face with compassion and curiosity instead of lashing out at the longtime Hollywood staple

The duo even shared a sweet moment towards the end of filming when Ana de Armas showed Curtis a photo of herself all done up as Marilyn Monroe in her next project, Blonde. Knowing that Curtis’ father, Tony Curtis had starred alongside Monroe in Some Like It Hot, de Armas wanted to get the actress’ feedback on her look. Blown away, Curtis said that de Armas “was Marilyn” and that despite there not being any accompanying audio, she could see the late performer through de Armas’ movements and looks.

While this “who’s on first?” type moment is amusing to both Jamie Lee Curtis and Ana de Armas now, it could have absolutely gone the other way had de Armas not been so understanding. Most of all, though, this entire incident could have been completely avoided by simply running a Google search on who your unknown co-workers are before you meet them. But maybe that’s the difference between generations.