See Adam Driver’s Dad Bod In The First Look At White Noise

Adam Driver stars as family man Jack Gladney in the upcoming dark comedy White Noise.

By Jeff Lutz | Published

The trailer for White Noise is here, with its surreal and black humor at the forefront, along with Adam Driver’s dad bod. White Noise stars Adam Driver as family man Jack Gladney, a man on his fourth marriage, surrounded by children and stepchildren in an ordinary nuclear family-styled life. When mysterious trains crash nearby, releasing chemical elements that may be lethal, the actor and his family need to evacuate.

Based on the 1985 novel of the same name, written by Don DeLillo, the book is considered a cornerstone of postmodern literature. Postmodern literature often contains metafiction or the use of unreliable narrators along with self-reflection over complex behaviors, as well as historical and political issues. Often cited as DeLillo’s breakthrough novel, the story satirizes many themes such as consumerism, the destruction, and reconstruction of the nuclear family, death, and media saturation.

Known for playing jaded, distant, villainous/anti-heroic characters, such as Adam Sackler on Girls, or Kylo Ren in the Star Wars sequel trilogy, Drive has made a name for himself since leaving the Marines and pursuing his acting career. While fan reactions to the sequel trilogy have been mixed, Driver’s performance as Kylo Ren was largely received as a highlight of the movies. Many critics felt he portrayed a nuanced, fascinating monster.

With other heavy dramatic roles under Adam Driver’s belt, it will be intriguing to see his look and feel play out in White Noise. While viewers may be used to seeing the actor take on a dark, imposing role, White Noise sees Adam Driver as an average man living with all the messiness it can encapsulate. This is ever-present in the appearance of Driver, who sports a dad body and the tiredness of a man with four children. White Noise will be Adam Driver’s fifth collaboration with director Noah Baumbach.

Also starring is Greta Gerwig, partner to Baumbach, whose movies Lady Bird and Little Women have received critical acclaim and been nominated for numerous categories throughout the Golden Globes and Academy Awards. Gerwig’s character, Babette, is married to Driver and on her fourth marriage. In the novel, Babette and her husband are both terrified at the prospect of death.

This will be interesting to see on the screen when the threat of an airborne toxin threatens the safety of their family. While satire and parody are heavy in the book and presumably the film, genuine and honest people at the center must deal with the choices presented to them. With Driver and Gerwig in the forefront, it is bound to be an intriguing adaptation of comedy and black humor.

Not much is known about Don Cheadle’s character. However, he appears to be good friends with Driver and leads an engaging and possibly hedonistic life. His time spent in the trailer is spent either listening or giving encouraging advice. He will likely be featured as a wise mentor or partner character that may challenge Driver’s wants and needs.

White Noise will debut in theaters on November 25 before moving to Netflix on December 30th.