See Adam Driver As Marvel’s Doctor Doom

Adam Driver is Victor Von Doom in this piece of fan art.

By Britta DeVore | Published

News surrounding Marvel’s upcoming revamp of Fantastic Four has been stretching out beyond belief in recent days. From the possibility of John Krasinski reprising his Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness role as Reed Richards to the film’s release date, fans have been eager to gain any information – both speculation and fact. And now, thanks to Instagram user BFHDesign, we have a look at the rumored casting of Adam Driver stepping into the role of Doctor Doom, in an image that you can see above.

The photo reveals the Star Wars star as the villainous character constantly battling it out with the quartet of superheroes. With a green cape, scarred face, suit of armor, and, of course, that iconic mask in his hands, Adam Driver’s take on Doctor Doom would certainly be on point. The design is an incredible one and just another piece of fan art in the long line of fan created pieces that in recent days have seen actors like Ryan Gosling as Ghost Rider and Henry Cavill as X-Men’s Cyclops.

Giving the well-loved franchise another go, news of the film’s revival was announced over the summer at the San Diego Comic-Con, where it was revealed that the title would kick off the MCU’s Phase 6. Several variations of the comic-turned-movie have been tried out in the past with 1994’s The Fantastic Four, followed by two recast franchise films, Fantastic Four and Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer. While Adam Driver didn’t appear in any of the previous features, they did boast star-studded cast lists that included Jessica Alba as Susan Storm, Ioan Gruffudd as Reed Richards, Chris Evans as Human Torch, Michael Chiklis as Ben Grimm, Julian McMahon as Doctor Doom, and Doug Jones as Silver Surfer.

Following the unsuccessful run of the latest coupling of Fantastic Four-based films, fans have been waiting patiently for Marvel to give them another run now that the MCU has grown into the juggernaut that it stands as today. Along with Fantastic Four, Phase 6 will also present Deadpool 3, Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, Avengers: Secret War, and two yet-to-be-released features that are both eyeing a premiere at some point in 2025. With his time in the Star Wars galaxy now neatly wrapped up (for now at least), there’s no time like the present for Adam Driver to break into a new blockbuster franchise role.

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Aside from his part as the absolutely stacked Kylo Ren in the most recent Star Wars features, Adam Driver has been killing the game when it comes to feature-length productions. Last year he starred in the critically acclaimed House of Gucci and The Last Duel and will soon be seen in 65 and Ferrari as well as Megalopolis. While at the time it’s just part of the ongoing churning rumor mill, the fan-designed piece of the Marriage Story star stepping into the role of Doctor Doom definitely puts our hopes in Marvel to consider the actor for the villainous man behind the mask.