Travis Barker, Blink-182 Drummer, Rushed To Hospital

Travis Barker has been rushed to the hospital, though he has his wife and daughter by his side currently. However, cryptic messages from the musician and his daughter might indicate a serious issue.

By James Brizuela | Published

travis barker

There has been plenty of press surrounding Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian. The pair began to date, and the entertainment world was met with story after story, much like with Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox. However, Barker and Kourtney’s love flourished, and the pair were married recently. Unfortunately, the whole “in sickness and in health” aspect of their marriage has come about quicker than expected or wanted, as the Blink-182 drummer was recently rushed to the hospital with an undisclosed medical issue. Things might be quite severe, as the man posted a cryptic tweet during this scary ordeal. Though this is not an indication of his condition, we hope that he is getting the care he needs currently.

Reports have come in stating that Travis Barker is joined by his wife and daughter. His daughter also posted a picture of her holding her father’s hand with a caption that reads, “Please send your prayers.” We are not entirely sure what medical issue has led to Barker being rushed to the hospital, but we do hope that he makes it out alive. The above tweet and the picture that has emerged online are putting plenty of fear into the hearts of fans and well-wishers around the world. Hopefully, this is only a minor scare, and the man can be at home with his family soon.

Travis Barker had initially showed up at West Hills hospital with his wife, Kourtney after he had been experiencing some sort of medical issue. This was per a report by TMZ. However, whatever medical issue he had been experiencing apparently became far more serious, as the man was then rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Things began to look bleaker after his tweet and corresponding pic from his daughter. As previously stated, there might be something more serious happening that we don’t know about, but we hope the man can heal from whatever medical issue is attacking him currently.

Back in 2008, Travis Barker was involved in an airplane crash, where the jet he was on began to shoot out sparks during its attempted takeoff. The jet then crashed into an embankment and exploded into flames. Barker’s body had been covered in jet fuel and he was severely burned on 65% of his body. This led to skin grafts. We are not sure about whatever medical issue he is experiencing, but it could be related to injuries sustained from his plane crash. Even though this was 14 years ago, they might be related. This is just speculation though, and we hope that this is not related and that his current medical issue will be healed quickly.

Travis Barker has been an influential musician who has ties in plenty of genres of music. He has played the drums with a countless number of artists that span a lot of different types of music He has collaborated with some of the biggest rock stars and hip-hop artists in the world. He continues to be a genre-bending force in the music world, and we hope that whatever is ailing him can be quickly cured.