See Sydney Sweeney In Multiple Bikinis Make Everyone Wish It Was Summer

Sydney Sweeney models bikinis for Frankies.

By Zack Zagranis | Published

sydney sweeney

Sick of winter? Sydney Sweeney just released a bunch of bikini pics that will make you feel like you’re in the middle of a tropical heatwave. The 25-year-old Euphoria star posted a series of thirst traps to Instagram yesterday, hot enough to melt all the snow outside.

In the first picture, the actress is wearing a mint green two-piece and matching thigh-high stockings while casually lounging on an oversized chair. The second picture finds the White Lotus star wearing a sexy one-piece like the famous bikini she wore on Euphoria. The third pic, however, is the real stunner. Sydney Sweeney, still clad in the same one-piece bikini, is lying on a couch, arching her back in a very suggestive manner.

The fourth and final shot is the actress sitting in the front seat of a car sporting a brown two-piece bikini. The picks are Sydney’s latest effort to promote her collaboration with Frankies Bikinis. Sweeney’s collection is called Love Letters by Sydney Sweeney and is available now from the Frankies Bikinis website.

When Sweeney isn’t busy posing in sexy outfits on social media, the actress is hard at work on several upcoming projects. One such project is the Sony/Marvel collab Madame Web. The movie set in the Spider-man universe features Dakota Johnson as the titular clairvoyant. Sony hasn’t officially revealed who Sydney Sweeney is playing in the movie, but she’s rumored to be portraying Spider-Woman Julia Carpenter.

Julia Carpenter is the second person to take up the Spider-Woman mantle, following the original Spider-Woman, Jessica Drew. More importantly, Carpenter eventually becomes the second Madame Web in the Marvel Comics continuity, meaning this could potentially be the start of a long franchise for Sydney Sweeney. While the connection between Sony’s spider-verse and the MCU is somewhat convoluted, Sweeney could eventually find herself web-slinging alongside the Avengers if Madame Web does well.

However, Sydney Sweeney still has plenty to keep her busy even if she doesn’t become the next MCU it-girl like Scarlett Johansson or Brie Larson. In addition to Madame Web, Sydney just started shooting an untitled project with Glen Powell, also for Sony. Not much is known about the movie except that it’s a romantic comedy meaning there’s potential for a few steamy scenes between the leads.

sydney sweeney

Speaking of steamy scenes, Euphoria season 3 is expected to start filming at some point this year. The provocative HBO series follows a group of high schoolers as they navigate a seedy world full of drugs and sex. In a cast full of Hollywood’s most beautiful young actors, somehow, Sydney Sweeney manages to stand above them all.

Sydney Sweeney is proving herself to be a regular Jill of all trades in Hollywood. Not only is she an in-demand actress, but the star has recently started producing as well. Those are both in addition to her new role as a fashion mogul and spokesperson.

Whatever the future holds for the young actress, one thing is for sure, it’s a Sydney Sweeney world, and everyone else is just living in it.