See Sydney Sweeney With Her Blonde Friend In Matching Cherry Bikinis

Sydney Sweeney looks great in her newest post promoting her bikini line collaboration with Frankies Bikinis.

By Jessica Scott | Updated

sydney sweeney

Sydney Sweeney is spicing things up on Instagram again with more photo sets. In a recent post, she poses with her blonde, lookalike friend, Francesca Aiello, in matching bikinis with cherries on them as they play around together in the backseat of what looks like a classic car. The bathing suits are from Frankies Bikinis, for which a collection was inspired by “the girl who follows her heart, with pieces that highlight Sydney’s gorgeous femininity and sweet romantic aura.”

Both girls in the pictures are wearing slightly different models of the bikini, with the cups of Sydney Sweeney’s top being held together with a white string and Francesca Aiello’s (who is the founder of Frankies Bikinis, by the way) being more of a lacy, balconette bra style. The bottoms are also different, with Sweeney’s being more of the string bikini variety that goes up high over her hip, and her Aiello’s having a thicker style that appears to give more coverage from what we can see from the side.

If you want to look like Sydney Sweeney and her equally hot friend, you can buy the same bikini tops and bottoms from Frankies Bikinis… but it will cost you a pretty penny. The “Nick Triangle Bikini Top” Sydney Sweeney is wearing costs $70, and the bottom will cost you around $80. There are numerous variations of these cherry bikini tops and bottoms (and they come in different patterns and colors as well), so you can have lots of fun mixing and matching.

According to E News, this is actually the second year that Sydney Sweeney has collaborated with Frankies Bikinis on a swimwear line, but that’s not where their relationship began. If you are a fan of Euphoria, you will probably know all about the unforgettable scene in Season 2 in which Sydney Sweeney’s character, Cassie, struts down the stairs at a birthday party wearing a pink one-piece bathing suit with sexy cutouts to catch the attention of Nate (and everyone else). Well, that bathing suit was designed by Frankies Bikinis, and her looking so stunning in it led to the two parties teaming up to release several lines of swimwear and mini dresses.

This year’s line of swimsuits is said to be Sydney Sweeney and Frankies Bikinis’ “sexiest yet,” with tons of different tops and bottoms available in all kinds of styles and sizes. 

This collection of sexy swimwear is just one of the ways that Sydney Sweeney is owning her body image in Hollywood. She has often spoken out about the double standards around nudity regarding men and women in films, as well as about how she was often overlooked for certain roles when she was younger because she “developed” at an early age.

But, as one can see when looking at Sydney Sweeney’s line of empoweringly feminine and provocative clothing, she has not let this get her down and is now totally owning her own sexuality – and giving other women the chance to do the same. 

But bikinis aren’t the only business Sydney Sweeney is in. Aside from acting in big hits like Euphoria, The White Lotus, and The Handmaid’s Tale, she also started her own production company in 2020 called Fifty-Fifty Films. Talk about doing it all!