Sydney Sweeney Is Astonishing In Revealing One-Piece

Sydney Sweeney shows off shots of her steamy one-piece at the Berlin Film Festival.

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated

sydney sweeney

When things are this icy, most of us, celebs included, are wearing multiple layers of clothing in order to stay warm. However, when you’re as hot as fan-favorite actor Sydney Sweeney, things like the outside temperature don’t matter as much. She proved that recently by rocking a form-fitting one-piece while attending a film festival in Berlin.

In terms of haute couture, we have to admit that Sydney Sweeney has perfectly captured the vibe of a playful alien race that you might see on Star Trek. The black top and black bottom of her attire give the whole thing a uniform look, but that’s not really what is getting everyone’s attention. Instead, everyone is focusing on the fact that the skimpy fabric linking the top and bottom of her designer clothing exposes most of her midriff, and most of her back, all while revealing a tasteful hint of underboob.

When it comes to Instagram captions, Sydney Sweeney is one of those hot celebrities who is a woman of few words. In this particular instance, the caption was simply tagging legendary fashion designer Alexander McQueen. The reason for that is simple: McQueen designed the astonishing dress Sweeney is rocking, and she is gracious enough to tag and credit the designer for helping to enhance her existing beauty.

Of course, if Sydney Sweeney is really feeling herself right now, we can’t exactly blame her. Ever since the breakout success of her hit show Euphoria, Sweeney has been well on her way to becoming a household name. She parlayed that early success into landing a role on the critically-acclaimed show The White Lotus, and Sweeney was even nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie for her performance.

sydney sweeney
Sydney Sweeney in Euphoria

In addition to killing it on television, Sydney Sweeney made a big splash on the big screen when she starred in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, the mesmerizing film from mercurial writer and director Quentin Tarantino. Between her television and film career, she managed to get the attention of Sony, and she has since been cast in an as-yet-unnamed role in Madame Web, the Spider-Man spinoff in which Dakota Johnson will be playing the title character.

However, make no mistake: Sydney Sweeney knows that she should be playing the title character in ambitious films, and she’s not afraid to take a personal hand in making that happen. For example, she is set to star in a remake of the controversial 1968 schlock classic Barbarella. And in addition to serving as that movie’s sexy title character, Sweeney is also going to serve as its executive producer.

The idea that Syndey Sweeney is all-in on remaking Barbarella shows that she understands a very important lesson: sex sells in the economics of Hollywood, and right now, she’s got the supply that everyone is demanding. Instead of just rocking up to the film festival in something comfortable, Sweeney decided to dazzle us all with something unique and innovative. And if her future film and television work is even half this bold, we have quite a bit to look forward to from this young, rising star.