See Salma Hayek Leaving The Water In A Tiny Yellow Bikini

Salma Hayek looks great in a yellow bikini.

By Lyndon Nicholas | Updated

salma hayek

It isn’t quite summer yet, but don’t tell that to 30 Rock actress Salma Hayek. The actress, who recently went viral for showcasing her assortment of animal friends including pet owl Kering, and again for her Spring-inspired fashion look, is going viral once more with her most recent Instagram post. The 56-year-old Frida star hit the beach early and stunned fans yesterday when she posted a series of photos and a video of herself in a yellow bikini on Instagram.

Salma Hayek’s Instagram post was accompanied by the caption: “Every time I need to feel renewed I jump into the ocean 🌊” The actress decided on an impromptu golden hour photo shoot while enjoying a dip in the ocean. The sunset provided the perfect backdrop for some jaw-dropping photos.

She wore a simple neon yellow two-piece string bikini with a top piece that featured a cloth strap tie centered at the chest and a bottom similarly tied at the sides by the actresses’ hips. Salma Hayek rocks a no-makeup look, allowing the ocean water to do its magic on her sunkissed skin and tousled hair.

The first image shows Salma Hayek straddling the side rail ladder of a yacht and staring off into the distance with allure. A video captured her plunging her head and hair underwater before reemerging. Another shot shows her posing chest protruding in perfect alignment with the setting sun in the background. 

Salma Hayek Pinault is a Mexican and American actress who began her career acting in telenovelas before crossing over to English-speaking audiences in the mid-90s. Her appearance in 1995’s Desperado alongside Antonio Banderas and Quentin Tarantino is widely considered her breakthrough into Hollywood and what garnered her crossover appeal. She then appeared in a number of other roles including From Dusk Till Dawn and Wild Wild West alongside Will Smith.

salma hayek
From Dusk till Dawn

Salma Hayek has previously complained that when she was first starting off in the industry, she was often typecast and stereotyped based on her background and appearance. She felt that for a time in her early career, she was only seen for her beauty and that many directors had a very narrow idea of what roles she could play, mostly falling into the fiery Latina lover stereotype. Hayek herself wanted to showcase roles with more range, at points expressing an interest in playing roles with more depth and even comedic roles.

Although she had early roles in a number of comedies and romantic comedies like 1996’s Fled and 1997’s Fools Rush In, Salma Hayek’s chance to break the mold really came when she was cast in the lead role in 2002’s biographical film Frida playing the titular iconic painter Frida Kahlo. She served as both the star actress and producer for the film, which garnered widespread critical acclaim. Hayek became the first Mexican actress to be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in the film.

Since, the actress has been able to take on more roles that align with her interest, including a guest-starring run on 30 Rock as Alec Baldwin’s love interest, as well as more recent acting credits in 2021’s House of Gucci and last year’s Puss in Boots: The Last Wish. Known for playing strong, confident women despite her diminutive stature, Salma Hayek has a dominating presence on and off the screen.