Salma Hayek Posts Swimsuit Beach Photos To Celebrate Turning 55

Legendary actress and all around dream girl Salma Hayek doesn't seem like she's aged at all in a couple of decades, but believe it or not she's actually 55-years-old.

By GFR Staff | Updated

salma hayek

Legendary actress and all around dream girl Salma Hayek doesn’t seem like she’s aged at all in a couple of decades, but believe it or not she’s actually 55-years-old. Her birthday happened on September 2nd, and to celebrate she posted photos of herself hanging out in paradise wearing a swimsuit.

Here she is, turning 55 on a beach…

Aged women posting photos in swimsuits on their birthday seems to be all the rage in Hollywood. I guess it’s their way of bragging about how much more well preserved they are than the common rabble the rest of us muck around in. And why not? If you got it, flaunt it, I guess?

Among the most recent big stars to join Salma Hayek in showing off their birthday body is Jennifer Lopez, who recently turned 52 and made out with Ben Affleck in an orange bikini. Sharon Stone turned 63 and let everyone know it in a yellow two-piece. Kim Kardashian celebrated turning 40 with her bikini photos. Elizabeth Hurley actually went a different direction and shared bikini photos to celebrate someone else’s birthday. Meanwhile Evan Longoria put on swimwear for the 20th anniversary of Desperate Housewives. Salma Hayek’s photo fits in with the ground already broken by that previous bunch.

It’s a welcome change from the days when Hollywood actresses like Salma Hayek felt compelled to lie about their age in order to continue getting work playing younger characters. Modern Hollywood makes full use of its aging stars, no matter their gender. The days of pretending you’re thirty when you’re actually fifty seem to be long gone.

Salma Hayek has been making headlines more than usual recently. In part we’ve heard more from her due to the release of her new movie The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard and the upcoming release of her Marvel movie Eternals. That’s Hollywood normal. That’s resulted in her sharing the details of why her breasts keep getting bigger (really) and championing more diversity in Marvel movies.

But in recent years Salma Hayek has also opened up about her mistreatment at the hands of sleazy Hollywood producers like Harvey Weinstein. She claims Harvey forced her to do lesbian scenes and nudity, as a condition of getting funding for her passion project Frida. Frida is largely regarded as her best work as an actress, but was it really worth the price? For some actresses, the answer would have been no.