See The Bikini Photo Sharon Stone Just Posted At Age 63

Sharon Stone just posted a bikini picture on Instagram that few other 63-year-olds could pull off these days. Check it out.

By Doug Norrie | Updated

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sharon stone basic instinct leg scene

Sharon Stone has had a great career on the big screen, though when it’s all said and done she’ll still probably be most remembered for one of the racier scenes of its time back in the early-90s. But the 63-year-old still seems to have “it” and it’s afraid to flaunt it on social media. She geared up for summer with a bikini photo post on Instagram.

With the caption “Happy Summer” Sharon Stone is on her porch, pet dog in tow, and playing up a yellow bikini. Check it out. 

Sharon Stone first came on the scene in the early 90s with a couple of high-profile flicks that were completely different in nature. The first was Total Recall in which she had a smaller role playing first the wife of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Quaid, but then later a spy sent by the Agency to keep tabs on him. Then, in 1992 she really gained fame starring in Basic Instinct, playing Catherine Trammel, a novelist and maybe killer at the center of a murder investigation. The story was one thing, but the sex scenes which bordered on NC-17 (which it was prior to a final edit) were what really drove folks to the box office. It made Stone a star, though at something of a cost

The next few years saw Sharon Stone taking some hit-or-miss roles with other flicks like The Specialist with Sylvester Stallone and Sliver trying to mirror the action and erotic from her first couple of films. Neither worked all that well. But then in 1995,. she took the role of Ginger McKenna in Martin Scorsese’s Casino which was his spiritual successor to Goodfellas. Stone was masterful in the role of call girl / turned wife of Robert de Niro’s Sam Rothstein. She played a calculating but unhinged role that earned her an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress. 

She’s had a prolific acting career since those early roles, but subsequent movies over the next couple of decades failed to reach quite the same critical, box office or zeitgeist-y heights of those first few films. That being said, she continues to take roles consistently and just had a part in Netflix’s Ratched which was one of the streamer’s top offerings of 2020. 

Sharon Stone

Next up for Sharon Stone will be a starring role in Beauty. The film, also appearing on Netflix, is a story of a young woman navigating the music industry after being offered a massive initial contract. The Andrew Donsumnu-helmed film will also star Giancarlo Esposito, Niecy Nash, and Aleyse Shannon. That is due out on the platform later this year. 

And there’s also What About Love, an upcoming romantic film in which Sharon Stone and Andy Garcia navigate their later years of marriage while also raising their daughter (Marielle Jaffe) who has found love of her own. In all, the 63-year-old is still able to fill up the screen with a talent and beauty that has stood the test of Hollywood time, no easy feat. It’s clear she’s every bit as confident these days as when she first started out. One only need to look over at Instagram for proof positive there.