Elizabeth Hurley Posts A Stunning Bikini Photo, See It Here

By Doug Norrie | 2 months ago

elizabeth hurley

Elizabeth Hurley sure knows how to celebrate other people’s birthdays, that’s for sure. In fact, everyone should be so lucky to have a friend like Hurley who is willing to send the kind of birthday wishes she sent last week to a friend. That was the case with an Instagram post the actress and model put up that has her in a bikini, looking stunning. Fans of Hurley or even friends will want to check this out. 

The Instagram post from Elizabeth Hurley was a birthday message to fashion photographer Steven Meisel. The photo, according to Hurley, is one was the first bikini photoshoot she ever did. The actress says in the message that she was nervous about this at the time, but likely needn’t have been. Though it’s from decades ago, the picture almost seems timeless. Hurley is a stunner, and it’s clear to see why she was able to almost pop off the screen in many of her early roles. It’s true natural beauty. Check out what Elizabeth Hurley posted:

The now 55-year-old Elizabeth Hurley doesn’t mention when exactly this photo was originally taken, but if it was her first shot in a bikini then it likely was sometime in the late 90s when she began her modeling career. And in the subsequent years, she’s leaned into the swimsuit fashion line, starting her own bathing suit line Elizabeth Hurley Beach back in 2005. The company is still active today and models her own designs for consumers. The company website is full of the actress and model in the different bikini lines

The late 90s were a lucrative time for Elizabeth Hurley when her modeling and acting career really started to take off. After taking a number of smaller roles on the big and small screen over the years, the English actress began to gain fame with larger roles. One of them was as Vanessa Kensington in 1997s Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery and the sequel, The Spy Who Shagged Me. She played a great role opposite Mike Myer’s titular spy character, a perfectly beautiful presence on screen in stark contrast to the purposefully off-putting Powers. It helped really put Hurley on the map. 

Originally, Elizabeth Hurley seemed to have her fame directly tied to her then-boyfriend Hugh Grant. Though the couple was together for more than a decade, they eventually split up after having their fair share of negative press thanks to some poor decision-making by Grant. The two stayed together through his high-profile run-in with the law in the mid-90s but eventually split a few years later. 

And Elizabeth Hurley continues to act these days. She was a part of the short-lived series Runaways on Hulu and was also a part of E!’s The Royals. Next up she’ll be seen around the holidays in Father Christmas is Back which is already in the can. She’s also in post-production on The Piper and pre-production on Welcome to Georgia. So it isn’t just posing bikini photos on Instagram, but that works too.