See The Bikini Photos Jennifer Lopez Took To Celebrate Turning 52

Jennifer Lopez is celebrating her birthday with bikini photos.

By Faith McKay | Published

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Jennifer Lopez has been in the public consciousness long enough to believably be 52 years old, but it’s sometimes hard to believe that’s how old she is, particularly when a holiday comes around. She celebrated Thanksgiving wearing nothing but a diamond ring on Instagram. Now, it’s her birthday, and she’s celebrating by posting photos of herself in a bikini, appearing to be on a boat.

Here’s how 52 looks for Jennifer Lopez.

While the first three photos are just the star, the fourth one shows her making out with her on-again boyfriend, Ben Affleck. This is actually what has earned most of the replies on Instagram. While rumors of the pair have been circulating for months, this photo makes the two official. Not even Jennifer Lopez in a bikini for the first three photos can distract from how excited people are to see her with Ben Affleck. People have been over the moon to see that the couple known as Bennifer is back in action. The couple used to make headlines in the earlier 2000s, dating, almost marrying, and then breaking up. In the time since, both have married other people, had children, and are now divorced.

During their previous time together, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were on the cover of magazines weekly. In interviews, Lopez has expressed that the public pressure on their relationship played into their dynamic and was a major factor in the end of their relationship. One of her most famous songs is Jenny on the Block. The music video for that song actually featured Ben Affleck and showed how their relationship was constantly being photographed. In the end of that video, the pair are seen on a boat together kissing, much like in these new photos on social media.

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The pair have also been in movies together, including Gigli, a rom-com that fans often consider the worst movie Jennifer Lopez has been in and one of the worst movies ever. Despite that, it’s also one of the ones she’s most known for, possibly because of the tabloids dedication to Bennifer. In defense of that movie, all she has had to say is that there are worse movies out there. Bennifer split shortly after the film was released.

The fever surrounding Bennifer often dominates the conversation surrounding Jennifer Lopez these days. It’s surprising that the actress shares photos of herself turning 52 and looking as young as she does without pointing out that she actually does sell her own line of skincare and beauty products called JLo Beauty. Other stars that have been aging particularly well are often pushing products and workout courses. For example, Cindy Crawford was a famous model in the 90s. She is now 55 years old and looking as great as ever. The actress is most often seen talking about a melon serum for skincare claimed to activate youth.

Upcoming for Jennifer Lopez are a few different film projects, including Marry Me. While she has been in movies like Anaconda and Hustlers, her film credits have often tended toward romantic comedies. Marry Me stars Jennifer Lopez with Owen Wilson, Sarah Silverman, Maluma, and Jimmy Fallon. The story follows two music superstars about to get married, but when she learns that the guy cheated on her right before she’s about to tie the knit, she marries some random guy from the audience instead, Charlie, played by Owen Wilson.