Ben Affleck Back Together With His Most Famous Ex-Girlfriend?

Ben Affleck looks to be getting back together with a famous ex.

By Apeksha Bagchi | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas recently called it quits after being in a relationship for over a year. Since their breakup, many reports had cropped up claiming that the Justice League actor was heartbroken as he really loved Ana de Armas. But now, it appears to many that the actor is moving on with his life and apparently reconciling with his most famous girlfriend to date: Jennifer Lopez. 

The pair originally dated for the first time back in 2002. They were going strong and were about to get married in 2003 before they called it off and broke up. They briefly got back together but ended their relationship for good in 2004. But now, reports are cropping up about the two former co-stars rekindling their romance once again ever since Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez allegedly went on a vacation to a resort in Montana together. Prior to the vacation, the duo was also spotted together a couple of times, thus starting the rumors in the first place and making the once-famous term “Bennifer” trend again. 

As reported by TMZ, throughout their vacation the pair was seen driving around in Montana and even flew home to LA together. What’s more is that according to the publication’s sources, “with direct knowledge,” Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck had been corresponding via email for a long time before they were spotted together. Reportedly, they exchanged emails while Lopez was shooting for Shotgun Wedding and the content of Affleck’s emails weren’t just friendly, it was “more loving and longing for Jen.” 

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J.Lo recently broke up with “A-Rod” Rodriguez after trying and failing to work on their issues and called off their wedding. But as per E!, Ben Affleck’s constant correspondence with the actress has won her heart and according to the publication’s source, the two-week-long vacation was what Lopez needed to realize that she is ready to give a romantic relationship with Affleck another chance as they “never really had closure” when they broke off years ago and the Hustlers star “always wondered what could have been.”

Reportedly, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are very comfortable and happy together. The actress wants to see where their interactions would lead this time and thus wants to keep seeing him. 

While there have been reports stating that the former New York Yankees star was “saddened” and “upset” by the new “developments” between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, the duo’s friends and well-wishers couldn’t be happier. Recently, Kevin Smith seemingly confirmed that the Jersey Girl co-stars are really together when he tweeted about “Bennifer” trending and reminisce how he coined the term long before the world came to know that the two were dating back in 2002. 

Ben Affleck’s close friend, actor Matt Damon recently appeared on Today and responded to the hosts’ ongoing discussion of a possible reunion between the Gigli co-stars. As he loves both of them, he shared that he hopes these recent rumors of them coming together are indeed true as it would be “awesome.”