Eva Longoria Posts Bikini Photo To Celebrate 20th Anniversary Of Desperate Housewives

By Doug Norrie | 1 month ago

eva longoria

It’s been almost a decade since Desperate Housewives went off the air, but that doesn’t mean some of the original players don’t look back on the days fondly. That was the case recently with Eva Longoria who took to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the show in a very Eva Longoria-type way. Some might have thanked the cast and crew for all those great years on the program. Others might have posted a throwback photo of all of those involved in the original. Not Longoria. Her way to celebrate was to post a bikini selfie on Instagram. Would Gabrielle Solis have done anything differently?

The Instagram photo went up on the personal account of Eva Longoria a couple of days ago. The message references the supposed 20-year timeline since the show first aired and reminded fans that red was still the preferred color for both the actress and the character. Check out Longoria’s post:

Now for all of you math majors out there, you’ll notice a bit of a timeline discrepancy here. Desperate Housewives first aired on ABC in 2004. So unless 2021-2004 now equals 20, there might be some confusion by Eva Longoria on the show’s actual anniversary. Regardless, she’s clearly excited at the prospect of hitting the two-decade mark since it first premiered so I suppose we can let her have this one. After all, the photo is stunning and she’s clearly still reliving the days on Wisteria Lane as part of her current mood. So all good there. 

When Desperate Housewives first came around it was definitely part of the television zeitgeist. The show had elements of your standard soap opera whodunit twisting and turning, offering up bits of mystery with salacious affairs that seemed to take place in every episode. There was an undercurrent of conspiracy with almost all characters seeming to hide something behind the walled veneer of their cookie-cutter, upscale, lavish community. Most of the storylines belonged in the daytime soap time slot which is actually where Eva Longoria got her start. 

eva longoria

Eva Longoria played Gabrielle Solis on all eight seasons of the show. Coming over from The Young and the Restless, Longoria fit right into the proceedings, an absolute stunner who commanded the screen and also had an ax to grind. It doesn’t take long for her to begin eschewing the standard housewife life, having affairs, getting wrapped up in criminal endeavors, and much more along the way. Again, this show was more soap than series and got increasingly more ridiculous as the seasons went on. But man did those first few seasons ever hit with the show consistently sitting among the top-10 in Nielsen ratings per episode. 

These days, besides commemorating non-anniversaries with bikini pics, Eva Longoria is still busy as ever. She has a role in the upcoming All-Star Weekend with Jamie Foxx, Robert Downey Jr., and Gerard Butler. Plus, there’s the upcoming remake of The War of the Worlds which is in pre-production. For the time being though, follow her on Instagram where she’s reliving the salacious ABC days of yore.