Megan Fox Reveals The Clothing Alterations She Made To Better Have Surprise Sex

By Nathan Kamal | 1 month ago

Megan Fox

Megan Fox has once again taken to social media to announce something shocking regarding her and her fiance, Machine Gun Kelly: they cut a hole in a jumpsuit so they could more easily have sex. At least, this is according to a screenshot of texts between Megan Fox and her stylist that the Transformers star recently posted on Instagram. In a slideshow including pictures of Megan Fox posing in what appeared to be a photoshoot with and without Machine Gun Kelly, the pair in some manner of concert venue amongst a crowd of people, and what seemed to be a different, separate photoshoot (or at least different outfit). You can see it here:

The carousel of photographs of Megan Fox posing for photoshoots, in a crowd of people, and posting part of her personal correspondence is captioned “An introvert in Vegas for three days during eclipse season…just SO much crying in the shower.” We won’t spend too much time on that, because everyone’s capacity for exposure is different and some introverts surely do spend this much time in the public eye and divulging intimate details worldwide. 

In this particular case, the blue jumpsuit worn by Megan Fox was not tagged with a designer name, but her stylist was tagged as being Maeve Reilly. Reilly’s own Instagram account shows a pretty extensive history of working with Fox, so this brief text thread seems pretty legit. Megan Fox was also asking if the jumpsuit was expensive, so it appears the star of the upcoming The Expendables 4 is more of the “ask forgiveness, not permission” type. For her part, Reilly appears confident in her ability to repair the jumpsuit. Thank God. 

The incident (which we will heretofore refer to as JumpsuitGate) is just the most recent of a number of “shocking” statements and/or images by Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly. For example, there was this GQ cover shoot in which Fox holds a gun pointing at Kelly’s crotch; the introverted Megan Fox posted this one on Instagram with a caption describing the popular musician and the star of many films as “outcasts” in a relationship full of “feverish obsession” “shamans” and “organic smoothies.” 

Megan Fox has also mentioned in a number of interviews and profiles that she and Machine Gun Kelly drink each other’s blood. It turns out she would like to make it clear they are not drinking out of goblets, Game of Thrones-style, but rather, just a few drops for ritualistic purposes. 

The two recently appeared together at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards, where Megan Fox wore a black Olive Sawa dress with a daring neckline and skirt slit. Machine Gun Kelly wore a bunch of spikes and a turtleneck. He also performed a song at the awards show, dedicating it to Megan Fox and their unborn child, prompting speculation that she may be pregnant. Megan Fox has recently been rebranding her acting career in the action thriller mode, while Machine Gun Kelly is directing and starring in a dark comedy titled Good Mourning, reportedly inspired by a time he thought Fox had broken up with him, but it turned out she hadn’t.