Kraft Cheese Just Debuted An Absolutely Disgusting Dessert Mashup

Kraft Cheese has partnered with Goldbelly to sell apple pies with a Kraft single melted on top.

By TeeJay Small | Published

If you’ve ever had a mean hankering for an apple pie with a slice of Kraft cheese melted over top, you’re in luck. The dessert, which sounds like it was designed in a lab using artificial intelligence to mimic that of a pregnancy craving, has been rolled out by Kraft to satiate the awaiting crowds of the summer, according to a recent write-up from Kraft Heinz.

It sounds absurd at first, but if the Doritos Locos Taco and Mac & Cheetos can not only survive, but thrive in our current culinary lexicon, perhaps this treat is just the next step in our gooey, cheesy evolution.

Just when we thought there was nothing more American than apple pie, the Chicago-based cheese corporation has upped the ante. Kraft Cheese has partnered with Little Pie Company for the strange creation. It is available for purchase starting today at the Little Pie Company’s brick-and-mortar location in New York City.

The in-store price for the Kraft Singles Apple Pie is $10.95, though delivery kits for non-New Yorkers can be purchased through Goldbelly for $44.95 before shipping.

The Goldbelly package includes two of the classic 5-inch pies, as well as a pair of Kraft cheese singles to melt over the top, along with a recipe card, just in case those instructions aren’t quite cutting it for you.

While the strange delicacy has baffled some, Kraft Foods were quick to point out that melted cheese over an apple pie has existed, in concept, for over a century. This dessert features golden delicious apples, mixed in a patented blend of cinnamon, brown sugar, nutmeg, and other spices, and even a few melted Kraft Singles cooked into the filling.

Despite the enthusiastic press from the Kraft Heinz company, it’s hard to imagine lines around the block forming for an opportunity to combine the sugary sweetness of an apple pie with the radioactive orange hue of a Kraft Single, especially at the double-digit price point.

Recent food trends have seen a number of skyrocketing prices, including a more than eight percent increase in inflation across fast food chains in the United States, making many beloved food items significantly harder to purchase for those struggling financially. Despite the rising cost of food, a standard apple pie generally comes in at under $10 per unit, making the Kraft singles edition an expensive experiment for those considering the option.

The price, combined with the scarcity of the selling locations, and let’s face it, the unappealing nature of the described ingredients, means that the Kraft cheese apple pie likely won’t be getting a wider release across the country. So if you’re truly curious about the combination, you should certainly make the pilgrimage to try it out.

On the other hand, Kraft Singles can be purchased at the same grocery stores which sell apple pie ingredients all over the country, and you may even save a few bucks baking one yourself. If you don’t mind the inflated price to ship the pre-made pies, Goldbelly has you covered, but you may want to doordash over a few indigestion tablets while you’re at it.