Keanu Reeves Gets A Win In Court

Keanu Reeves was granted a restraining order against a homeless man that has been harassing him and trying to break into the star's home since November.

By Jonathan Klotz | Published

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It’s rare to hear about a celebrity going to court as the accuser, and not the accused. According to The Hollywood Reporter this was the case recently when one of the nicest men in Hollywood, Keanu Reeves, went to court. Earlier this week John Wick star asked for a restraining order against an alleged stalker and a temporary order was granted.

Keanu Reeves has had problems for months with the apparent stalker, described only as a 38-year old man. In the court filing, Reeves attorney argues that the accused stalker has trespassed on the actor’s property and shown up at his home engaging in verbal harassment. The restraining order also covers the partner of the Bill and Ted star.

Part of what has made the situation difficult for both Keanu Reeves and the investigating officers of the LAPD is that the 38-year old man is described as “transient” in the court documents. Though he has no listed residence, or apparently a permanent home at all, the individual has been harassing Reeves since November. An investigation is ongoing, but as revealed in the public documents, it’s not the first time this person has run afoul of the law.

With a criminal record going back to the early 2000’s, Keanu Reeves is justified to seek protection against this person. Charges on file include larceny, assault, drug possession, and disorderly conduct. The latest charges are from 2022 for breaking and entering.

Though the breaking and entering did not involve Keanu Reeves home, a very strange 2022 incident was noted in the documents. One day in November the man was found asleep in the star’s backyard. 12 hours later, he came back and left a backpack on the property which included a DNA testing kit inside along with a bizarre note, alleging that he was related to the star of Point Break.

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Keanu Reeves in John Wick

Celebrities have had to deal with stalkers since the very concept of celebrity existed. Taylor Swift admitted in an interview with Elle to carrying army-grade bandages because of crazy stalkers trying to break into her home. A decade ago, LL Cool J used his Mixed-Martial Arts skills to subdue an intruder and even broke the man’s nose in the process.

One of the strangest ways of handling a stalker comes from The Batman star Robert Pattinson, who was so lonely filming a movie he went on a dinner date with his stalker. Admittedly, he just talked about how sad he was and the woman never came near him again, which is an unique method of handling the situation that likely won’t work for Keanu Reeves.

Hopefully the situation doesn’t escalate and both Keanu Reeves and his partner can safely enjoy their time at home. It’s unlikely that a court issued restraining order will stop the transient man accused of stalking to change his behavior. Crazy people exist in all walks of life and being famous isn’t even a requirement to attract a stalker though hopefully this situation, as with all of them, ends peacefully and safely.