Kate Beckinsale Shines In A Low-Cut Latex Dress

By Nathan Kamal | 14 seconds ago

Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale is low-key one of the more delightful celebrities out there on social media. If you check out her Instagram account, you get nothing but delightful cat videos with her very grumpy Persian named Clive, the oddest news out there to pique the interest of the star of The Last Days of Disco, and of course, lots and lots of very welcome thirst traps. While the British actress may be known best as a latex-clad vampire assassin in the long-running Underworld series, it turns out she actually does have an affinity for latex in real life, and that is all fine by us. Take a look at Kate Beckinsale and some creepy giraffes:

Most impressive. As Kate Beckinsale herself points out in the, she appears to be flanked by two small, somewhat sinister-looking giraffe sculptures while leaning against a tree overlooking the distant Los Angeles cityscape. The actor is wearing a skin-tight, pink latex dress by Versace, that plunges in a daringly low neckline. The dress is complemented by a series of thick gold chains around her throat and wrists, and her nails are done in a deep dark tone by Miwa Kobayashi. Her dark blonde hair is lightly curled and brushed up and away from her right, the styling done by Aaron Light. Her understated yet glamorous makeup is by Chase Aston; the actor’s lips are an identical shape of pink to the Versace dress, while her eyes are down in a dusty golden rose. The picture is from a photoshoot by Flaunt Magazine, in which Kate Beckinsale was photographed by Frederic Auerbach. 

This particular image is just one of the many fantastic photos that the star of Tiptoes frequently posts. Although there is literally not a speck of doubt in the world as to Kate Beckinsale’s combination of style, fierceness, and beauty, she also helps the world with odd little moments like turning her cat into the opening credits of a James Bond film. Or like this one in which she shows off an embroidered Nicolas Cage throw pillow, for some reason. Long story short, Kate Beckinsale’s Instagram feed is a place of weird wonder and beauty, and it behooves us to be checking it out as often as possible. 

Of course, social media is not the only place to find Kate Beckinsale. The actor was recently announced to be starring in a new thriller titled Canary Black (no relation to the DCEU’s Black Canary), in which she stars as CIA agent named Avery Graves. The movie is being directed by Taken’s Pierre Morel and involves terrorists, so most likely this is going to be a brutal, fast-paced action movie. Beckinsale also recently starred on Paramount+’s Guilty Party, in which she played a discredited journalist investigating the murder of her father by her imprisoned mother. And while the Underworld series seems to be dormant at the moment (perhaps due to Kate Beckinsale’s 2019 divorce from series co-creator Len Wiseman) it seems always possible that we will see the return of Selene any day.