See Kate Beckinsale Reveal Her Passion For Fitness In Workout Video With Her Cat

By Matthew Creith | 5 days ago

kate beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale has been a fan favorite on Instagram for many years. Ever the stunner, she is often seen uploading posts and stories showing off her famous glamour and stunning legs. The same can be said for an enormous amount of the posts of her pets, who are frequently guests in many of her most-liked photos. Recently, the Pearl Harbor and Underworld actress took to her Instagram to showcase her passion for fitness with some assistance from a well-known social media celebrity and unlikely health coach: her cat Clive.

Walking on the treadmill for most of us may seem like an unattractive yet worthwhile task, but for Kate Beckinsale, she struts on the workout machine like it’s a runway at a Victoria’s Secret fashion show. With a caption that notes her passion for fitness, Beckinsale broadcasts to her 5.3 million Instagram followers how staying in shape can be also be a fun adventure for Clive. Holding Clive with one hand, the two are demonstrating just how easy it can be to saunter onto the catwalk. The post currently has close to 300,000 views, with many of Beckinsale’s followers loving this journey for Kate and Clive.

Even though Clive may look like he’s not enjoying his turn on the treadmill, it’s clear that Kate Beckinsale likes to include him in many of her Instagram posts and passion for health. As Women’s Health reported, Beckinsale is known to workout up to six times per week. Many of her workouts include Clive, but according to The Daily Mail, Clive has stolen the show a time or two, including when she once posted a picture of Clive on top of her head. In this latest post, Clive can even be seen looking at the treadmill as Beckinsale continues walking, almost as if he is keeping track of their progress and step count as they go.

It should be noted that in this latest Instagram fitness post, Kate Beckinsale shouts out a specific profile (@karina_cotter_42), possibly a nod to one of her fans. The private profile belongs to Karina Cotter, and her bio reads in part, “Fighting for my life – mTNBC.” mTNBC is, according to WebMD, a form of metastatic breast cancer that can be aggressive and has a poor prognosis. It’s possible that Beckinsale may be calling attention to Cotter’s current struggle and wants the world to know that she is sending “big huge hugs.”

Kate Beckinsale is a British actress and model, mostly known for her starring roles in the Underworld franchise, as well as The Last Days of Disco, Brokedown Palace, The Aviator, Serendipity, and Van Helsing. In recent years, Beckinsale has made headlines for her personal life, most notably her relationships with director Len Wiseman and Saturday Night Live actor Pete Davidson. Her fitness routines via social media have become almost legendary, as she includes her pets in various forms of walking, yoga, and lifting weights. Beckinsale’s cat Clive, always the scene stealer, pops up most of all.