Pete Davidson Being Canceled From Space Trip

By Jacqueline Lindenberg | 2 months ago

pete davidson

Pete Davidson is known for his role on Saturday Night Live and his comedic acting. Davidson was recently set to go on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to space with Blue Origin, an aerospace company founded by Jeff Bezos. However, the company just uploaded a post on Twitter announcing that Davidson would no longer be joining the space flight.

Pete Davidson was originally confirmed to be one of the individuals on board the space trip on Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin space rocket. According to Comic Book, the name of the rocket is New Shepard. The launch is set to take place on March 29th. Originally, the event was scheduled to occur on March 23rd, but the trip was postponed to the end of the March instead. In a post on Blue Origin’s Twitter page, the news of the new date was released, but also the updated fact that Davidson would no longer be one of the passengers on the space trip. The tweet also mentioned that the replacement for Pete Davidson will be announced a little later before the space launch. See the full post below: 

As of now, the main reason for Pete Davidson not being a part of the space trip is due to the delay in the launch and his own scheduling issues, according to EW. Davidson was supposed to fly as a celebrity and honorary guest on the space flight, alongside five other passengers, such as Marty Allen, George Nield, Jim Kitchen, and Sharon and Marc Hagle, according to The New York Times. Davidson would not have been the first big celebrity to fly on Jeff Bezos’s space launches. Before him, William Shatner and former NFL player and television host, Michael Strahan, were the celebrities that jumped on the space flight, according to The Guardian. 

It is currently not clear if another celebrity will take the place of Pete Davidson, but since the launch date is quickly approaching, Blue Origin is bound to give the news very soon. Davidson has been in the mainstream media quite a lot in recent times, mainly due to him being a top star on Saturday Night Live, but also because he has begun dating Kim Kardashian. The two Hollywood stars have been dating since around October 2021, and it has definitely put a high profile on Davidson. With Davidson’s busy life, it does make a little sense as to why he might not have been able to work around his schedule for a once-in-a-lifetime trip to space. 

Sometime in the next few days, Blue Origin will officially name the lucky person who will be taking Pete Davidson’s seat on the space launch. Will they choose another Hollywood celebrity, a sci-fi icon like William Shatner, or perhaps a name in the aerospace community? Hopefully, on the next launch for Blue Origin, Davidson will have more time to take a little trip to space, but for now, we shall have to wait and see who will join the other passengers to replace Pete Davidson.