See Kate Beckinsale Show Off A Tight Gold Mini-Dress

By Dan Lawrence | 3 weeks ago

kate beckinsale

Never one to shy away from the camera, Kate Beckinsale is at it again with a brand new set of stunning photos on Instagram. Beckinsale posted a series of snaps for her 5.3 million Instagram followers to revel in. The ensemble sported by Beckinsale featured a pair of six-inch high heels and a centerpiece sparkling gold mini-dress.

Kate Beckinsale’s stunning outfit was complemented with eye crystal make-up and the caption “Twinkle, twinkle, little cat.” Not only is this caption a play on words for Kate’s sparkling outfit, but it also highlights Beckinsale’s grumpy-looking cat, Clive. Clive has become somewhat of an Instagram sensation, regularly featuring in Beckinsale’s snaps, and often dressed up just as fancy as his owner. Clive’s recent highlights include him riding along in Beckinsale’s car wearing a pink bowl hat and top to match as well as joining in a makeup tutorial. Clive’s game for all sorts of frivolous fun and Beckinsale owes her impressive following as much to him as she does to her beauty and talent.

This time around, however, Clive was no match for Kate Beckinsale’s incredibly sparkling display. Footwear News has gone to the liberty to break down the iconic look for those who have the means to replicate Beckinsale’s golden display. The dress itself came courtesy of the Atelier Zuhra luxury fashion brand, founded in 2015 in Dubai by Mouza Al Awfi and whose products have been worn by the likes of Paris Hilton and Nicole Scherzinger. Beckinsale’s gold drop earrings were produced by New York City jewelry brand Fry Powers. The gold and orange nail art was the work of Mila Kobayashi and Beckinsale’s makeup was the result of make-up artist Katrina Klein’s incredible design. Rounding out the whole look was the pair of six-inch high-heeled shoes, produced by Schutz.

Kate Beckinsale’s collage of high-end fashion design and brands was all in aid of Lance Bass’ birthday celebrations. Lance Bass is of course the popular singer of NSYNC fame, and Beckinsale was a part of massive early birthday celebrations for the former boy-band member. Bass, a father of twins with husband Michael Turchin is, like Beckinsale, no stranger to posting on Instagram. Recently, Lance Bass shared an adorable photo of his infant son Alexander James posing in a onesie emblazoned with the silhouettes of the NYSNC band members and the popular phrase ‘It’s gonna be may,’ a popular joke harkening back to Justin Timberlake’s interesting pronunciation of the word ‘me’ in the hit “It’s Gonna Be Me.”

Kate Beckinsale has a long track record of posting photos of herself in stunning outfits to her social media followers and this glorious golden for Lance Bass’ birthday will most definitely not be the last. At 48 years old, the tight gold mini-dress shows off her incredible figure, which was clear to see when the Underworld star posed for photographs at this year’s Oscars after-party. So, what is Beckinsale’s secret for constantly being on top of her game for every photo? According to Women’s Health, they have it on good authority that Beckinsale works out six times a week, which, when coupled with the high-end brands Beckinsale does, shows why the actress has been able to grow such a healthy social media following.