Canadians Trying To Cancel Joe Rogan Over Latest Comments About Country

Joe Rogan is in trouble again. The comedian recently spoke about his opinions on a country, and those people are now trying to cancel him on Twitter.

By James Brizuela | Published

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Joe Rogan seems to find himself in controversy no matter what he says. One of the most recent episodes of The Joe Rogan Experience saw the man speaking about Canada with fellow comedian Tom Segura. Rogan went on to describe the country as a “communist dictatorship.” He also stated that the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, is a “sketch guy.” Naturally, his comments left plenty of citizens of the Great White North to call out the comic and attempt to cancel him.

The above Twitter user seems to completely agree with Joe Rogan and points out some monetary figures that Justin Trudeau has been involved in. We are not sure if there is any validity to these numbers, but $187 billion is a ton of money.

It appears as if there are plenty of people willing to agree with Joe Rogan. At least, there are these two that have offered up agreeance with the comedian.

Then we have a Canadian who would rather Joe Rogan criticize the country he is currently living in. Rogan has offered some wild accusations about Canada. However, as they say, throwing stones while living in a glass house isn’t the best course of action.

Other people seem to think that Justin Trudeau should be thanked for keeping Joe Rogan out of the country. Rogan did mention in the episode that no one can enter Canada without being vaccinated. We are not sure if Rogan is vaxxed, but we know he has contracted COVID-19.

We don’t live in Canada, but we could use some of that free healthcare that Canadians are always speaking about. Joe Rogan might have been a bit brash about his thoughts on the country. Seems a lot of people still love the country plenty.

We are certain that there are plenty of people that don’t stop themselves from saying outlandish things. The internet is full of people like that. People must also remember that it is only Joe Rogan spouting his opinion.

We love a good burn. We are not sure that Joe Rogan doesn’t know what communism is, but we are sure that he knows where the country is. I mean, if you live in the United States and you don’t know that Canada is direct to the north of us, you have some other issues to address first.

Is anyone else about to break into the Canadian national anthem after the last line of this tweet? Another person who believes that Joe Rogan has no idea about what he is talking about.

Joe Rogan has consistently been in the headlines for his views on his podcast. He was in trouble for bringing on controversial doctors that allegedly spread misinformation during the worst times of the pandemic. However, people must remember that he is speaking on his own opinions, and they have the option to just turn off his podcast. Also, you don’t have to pay attention to the man at all. It’s better to just let things go and chuckle at opinions that you find ridiculous.