Joe Rogan Refuses To Interview Trump

Incredibly popular and controversial podcaster Joe Rogan has revealed that he has refused to interview Donald Trump.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

joe rogan

Joe Rogan is simultaneously one of the most controversial and popular public figures in the world, which is impressive considering this is a world that also contains Elon Musk, Johnny Depp, and that dress that was either blue and black or white and gold. Joe Rogan is particularly known for having a wide expanse of guests on The Joe Rogan Experience to espouse their opinions, including conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, conspiracy theorist Doctor Peter A. McCullough, and conspiracy theorist Doctor Robert Malone. However, per Variety, he recently revealed that he has refused many times to have former President Donald Trump on his Experience. 

Taking a break from hosting his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience, Joe Rogan appeared on the Lex Fridman Podcast and said that he had turned down the opportunity to interview twice-impeached former President Donald Trump many times in the past. According to Rogan, he is not a Trump supporter in “any way, shape or form.” He also emphasized twice that he was “not interested in helping him.” It is an interesting stance to take, given the “just asking questions” vibe of The Joe Rogan Experience in general, and that the MMA color commentator had frequently had any number of guests that he claimed to not support in the past. However, Donald Trump appears to be the one bridge too far for Joe Rogan. 

Joe Rogan went on to claim that the Trump “era” would be a historically very odd time to review, which, fair enough. He also speculated that when future historians (which is optimistic, but alright) look back on this time period, they will see six-time bankrupt businessman Donald Trump as one of the most polarizing public figures of this time period. Joe Rogan also went on to say that Trump was such a divisive figure that it caused people to “abandon their own ethics and morals and principles just to attack him” because he was “an existential threat to democracy itself.” It is unclear whether he himself thinks that former President Donald Trump is an existential threat to democracy itself or the straw men he was referring to think that. However, considering Joe Rogan claims himself not to be a Donald Trump supporter, it could go either way. 

The host of The Joe Rogan Experience has come under intense scrutiny several times in the last year, in large part for using his immense platform to describe what he felt were appropriate actions to take during the Covid-19 global pandemic, while also acknowledging that he was not a doctor and himself admitted he should not be viewed as “a respected source of information.” He also espoused the use of the anti-parasitic drug Ivermectin as a treatment against Covid-19, despite the previous respected source of information acknowledgment. Joe Rogan was also publically criticized for his frequent past use of racial slurs when a video compilation of him using an offensive term was shared on Instagram. While Rogan did not deny that he had frequently used offensive terms, he claimed the extensive video was “out of context” and that it was a “political hit job” despite the fact that he is not actually a politician or a representative of any political movements or parties.