Jennifer Aniston Sparkles In See-Through Sexy Dress

Jennifer Aniston wears a see-through dress in a new Instagram video while promoting Murder Mystery 2.

By Chris Snellgrove | Published

jennifer aniston

In retrospect, it’s fair to say that nobody defined the era of NBC’s Friends dominating the television quite so much as Jennifer Aniston. She didn’t only have the definitively best haircut of the ‘90s (as opposed to costar Courteney Cox having the absolute worst haircut in the third Scream movie), but she was also America’s sexiest sweetheart for the entirety of the decade. Based on the Instagram video where Aniston sports a see-through dress to help promote the Netflix film Murder Mystery 2, she’s going to be keeping her “sexiest” title for yet another decade.

While fans are understandably more excited about seeing Jennifer Aniston wearing that dress, the video begins with the dress on a hangar and glittering in the sun a bit like the Mithril armor that Frodo wears in The Lord of the Rings. It’s not long before we see her don this sexy dress, and it fits her like a glove. Just like that, Aniston reminds us that she hasn’t lost a step since she became America’s favorite girl next door decades ago.

Interestingly, Jennifer Aniston hasn’t forgotten the people that turned her into nothing less than a sizzling acting icon. Her Instagram post included shout-outs to photographer Ryan Hastings and her makeup guru Angela Levin. But the shoutout that really warmed our hearts was the one to Chris McMillan: he was the one that created the famous Rachel haircut back in the ‘90s, and Aniston is still relying on him to provide her with the cutest coifs (and we’re happy to report that Aniston’s new haircut is sure to make fellow stars like Brie Larson downright jealous).

jennifer aniston
Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler in Murder Mystery 2

Of course, while the Instagram post was all about Jennifer Aniston pimping her new Netflix movie, the video she posted doesn’t really give us too many clues about Murder Mystery 2. We go from seeing the dress hanging to seeing her wearing it and walking into a room to an exterior shot of her playing with two adorable dogs. The final shot is of her about to enter a vehicle (though good luck hearing what she is saying — the catchy techno beat swallows most of her words).

As you might expect, Jennifer Aniston’s post garnered plenty of positive attention, including a comment from fellow star Gwyneth Paltrow about how “crazy” it is that Aniston looks so good (almost as crazy as allegedly hitting a dude on the ski slopes and leaving him in horrific pain, we imagine). She’s not wrong: aside from tuning in to see the comedic talents of costar Adam Sandler (who, like Aniston, is returning after appearing in the first Murder Mystery), more than a few fans are going to watch this movie just to see how stunning Aniston looks in scene after scene. The film releases on Netflix on March 31.