See Brie Larson Bend Physics To Show Off Her Bra and Legs 

Brie Larson looks fantastic in a Harper's Bazaar photo shoot.

By Chris Snellgrove | Published

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After she was cast as Captain Marvel in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, audiences got used to seeing Brie Larson wearing colorful outfits and showing off her ability to defy physics by flying through the cosmos. We all know, though, that the real-life Larson is very different from her onscreen MCU persona. As you can tell from these Harper’s Bazaar photos, the real Larson bends physics in a very different way, and instead of wearing a colorful costume, this superhero looks like she had trouble finding the rest of her clothes.

The three photos that Brie Larson shared on Instagram are from a recent professional photoshoot. And the first image doesn’t really prepare you for the spiciness of the next two. In fact, the first image shows the Oscar-winning actor giving her best “I’m thinking” pose while dressed in a long-sleeved blue shirt and white boots (nobody had the heart to tell her that Vegeta wore it better in Dragon Ball Z).

The second image of Brie Larson, though, is likely to hit you with the same explosive force that Captain Marvel punches her foes. In it, the actor poses with a matching jacket and pants look that might have been at home in any corporate setting except for a crucial fact: she doesn’t have a shirt on underneath the jacket. And the unbuttoned look exposes Larson’s toned body, amounting to a tantalizing tease that she accentuates by giving fans a glimpse of the underwear she has on beneath the pants.

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The third and final image of Brie Larson is, frankly, the most confusing. She has multiple layers of clothing on, which accentuates her exposed leg, a very put-together look that clashes with her upper body, where we can see that she managed to put a bra on but never did find a top. Between the confusing clothing and the wall-eyed star Larson is giving the camera, she looks for all the world like someone who halfheartedly put on the first things she could find to answer an unwanted knock on the door on a Sunday morning.

Unfortunately, it looks like this Brie Larson post of sexy pictures on her own Instagram account was not safe from the seemingly-endless culture wars of the internet. While most of the visible comments seem very positive, at least one user seems very sad about “the hate” that the Marvel star has been receiving online. Between that and the fact that comments on Larson’s post have now been limited, it seems fair to say that the same trolls who hate diverse films and always freak out about her simply existing aren’t going away anytime soon.

Ultimately, one of the things that we like best about these photos of Brie Larson is that they seem to match her energy as a performer. Whether you love or hate Larson, you have to agree that she has given vastly different performances across various roles ranging from Captain Marvel to Scott Pilgrim vs. The World to Room, the movie for which she earned the Oscar for Best Actress. And these latest photos are delightful proof that whenever Larson pops up, you never know what you’re going to get, and we’re so here for it.

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