January Jones Fans Are In Love With The Eye-Catching Swimsuit In Her Latest Post

By Douglas Helm | 3 weeks ago

january jones

Fans of January Jones know she always brings her A-game when it comes to her social media posts, and her latest Instagram pic isn’t any different. Although it’s only April, Jones is already busting out her best swimsuits, with a pink ensemble that is fun and unique in its own way. Check out the post below:

January Jones herself calls out the uniqueness of the garment in her caption. She points out how it looks like it could be a swimsuit, a dress, a baby doll look, a grandma outfit, or all of the above! Either way, the star looks as great as ever, and she adds some quirky humor to the end of the post, mentioning how she might just be a little too pale to be outside in the sun for too long. And although she doesn’t mention it in the post, it’s impossible to miss her ever-stylish Dolce and Gabbana shades, tagging the designer brand to give credit where credit is due.

Although January Jones fans can find her in their life on Instagram, we’ve certainly been missing her appearances on the screen as of late. The last project Jones was in was way back in 2020, with the Netflix TV show Spinning Out. Spinning Out ran for one season and told the story of an Olympic hopeful figure skater named Kat Baker, who has to balance her ambitions with her bipolar disorder. January Jones played Carol, Kat’s mother, who also has bipolar disorder and who used to be a figure skater herself. Though the show was well-liked by audiences, critics generally gave it mixed reviews. Unfortunately, the viewership didn’t give Netflix the confidence to greenlight another season, so the project stopped after the first season.

Plenty of actors have avoided taking work in the wake of the pandemic, but January Jones fans are surely excited to see her in another movie or TV show again. Fortunately, they won’t have to wait too long. She currently has a movie in post-production called God is a Bullet. The movie tells the story of Bob Hightower, who infiltrates a cult that murdered his ex-wife and kidnapped his daughter. He teams up with the cult’s only female escapee to take down the leader and the cult itself. In addition to Jones, the movie stars Nickolaj Coster-Waldau, Jamie Foxx, Ethan Suplee, Maika Monroe, Jonathan Tucker, and more. Nick Cassavetes directs and also co-wrote the script with Boston Teran.

As of now, God is a Bullet seems to be the only project that January Jones has on the docket. Surely there will be more roles in the near future, but until then we’ll just have to enjoy her social media updates. You can also always go back and check out some of her previous projects. It’s always a good time for a Mad Men rewatch. And if you’ve never seen the critically acclaimed advertising series, then you owe yourself the favor of checking it out. It’s definitely one of Jones’ best roles.