See January Jones Stun In A Sheer Corset

January Jones took to Instagram to show off her stunning self in torn jeans and a sheer black corset outfit for a sporting event.

By James Brizuela | Published

january jones

January Jones is a stunning woman, and as such, she took to her Instagram to shows fans that fact. She took to her social media page to show off an outfit that included torn jeans and a sheer black corset under a jean jacket. The caption talks about her attending a high school basketball game and commenting on the fact that the parent’s section was “as lit” as the kid’s section. We certainly hope the team was able to focus while she was wearing such an outfit in the crowd. You can see the photo below:

January Jones currently has 1.1 million followers on her Instagram page. The above picture has already amassed well over 47,000 likes, with a ton of comments ushering in acceptance of Jones’s outfit. She certainly does look fantastic in the sexy yet leisure-type ensemble. While her social media presence is not massive, she is sure to turn tons of heads with her basketball game outfit, especially that of the student body that saw her in the crowd. We would certainly want her to be cheering in our section.

Fans of January Jones will immediately recognize her from the show Mad Men, in which she expertly played Betty Draper. Most of her career has been concerned with television show appearances, apart from some movies in the 2010s. She did play Emma Frost in X-Men: First Class. However, her more recent career ventures have been that of the appearing in Mad Men, but she was also fantastic in The Last Man on Earth as Melissa Chartres. Television might just be her strong suit considering the last five years she has done nothing but appear on shows. From The Last Man on Earth, she appeared on Spinning Out in 2020. However, her more recent venture is that of a film appearance.

January Jones is set to star alongside Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Jamie Foxx, Ethan Suplee, Maika Monroe, and Johnathan Tucker in a film called God Is a Bullet. The synopsis for the film sounds crazy, as Coster-Waldau plays a detective that finds his ex-wife murdered and daughter kidnapped at the hands of a Satanic cult. When police investigations fail him, Detective Bob Hightower takes matters into his own hands by leaving the police force, getting tattoos, and infiltrating the cult to find his daughter and bring his wife to justice. The film certainly sounds to be like quite a thrill ride. Jones is set to play a character by the name of Maureen Bacon.

While January Jones typically does one project every year, the above-mentioned movie is certainly one to keep an eye out for. Apart from her role on Spinning Out, Jones has mostly kept quiet since 2020. That could have likely been due to the pandemic that has been steadily going on since then, or she had been waiting for the perfect role to come around. Her would-be appearance in a Satanic cult might just have been the role in which she couldn’t pass up. Regardless, Jones looks amazing as ever, especially in the back and sheer corset she shared with the Instagram world.