Henry Cavill Is Very Self-Conscious About One Body Part

Henry Cavill doesn't think his nose is his best feature, but he did declare, "it's not terrible, right?"

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated

henry cavill

Unlike Superman’s secret identity, it’s not a well-kept secret that Superman star Henry Cavill is a very handsome man. It’s something his legion of fans certainly understands, but it looks like the star may worry about his physical appearance. In an interview with Josh Horowtiz, Cavill misunderstands the host mentioning “nos” (as in rejections) that his career gave to him, but this former Man of Steel thought the host was talking about his physical nose instead.  

In all fairness to Henry Cavill, it’s genuinely a bit confusing when Horowitz reads a question from one of the movie star’s fans. The fan’s letter asked Cavill what he does to overcome the “nos” he got “in pursuit of his acting dreams.” Though the letter mentioned “adversity” previously, it really did sound like the fan was asking Cavill about getting a nose job of some sort to help out his career.

Regardless of how weirdly the question was phrased, we couldn’t help but laugh out loud at the way Henry Cavill reacted to the letter. He immediately asked for clarification that they weren’t talking about his physical nose, nervously laughing at his own confusion. And we can only assume that one of Superman’s superpowers is self-deprecation because Cavill then rolled with the bit, acknowledging that his nose is “not great” but, altogether, “it’s not terrible.”

That line was enough to get both Horowitz and the audience cracking up, and this was right around the time that Henry Cavill reminded everyone why he is one of the world’s most beloved actors. He suddenly covered his nose with both hands, sheepishly admitting that this talk of his nose’s physical appearance had made him “suddenly incredibly self-conscious.” All but Cavill’s fiercest haters know damn well that the star has a pretty face, nose included, and the only reason that he could even be confused about that point is that he has such an everyman quality that audiences respond so well to (in short, he truly is the shy Clark Kent and the bold Superman rolled into a single person).

henry cavill

Fortunately for both Henry Cavill and the audience, Josh Horowitz is a master of rolling with the sudden changes in conversation. After Cavill admitted that he was becoming self-conscious about his nose, Horowitz joked that “no, your face is messed up, man” before teasingly asking the star if anyone had said that to him before. This was hosting at its finest because it provided the perfect punchline to Cavill’s confusion, even as the audience laughing at the very idea of Cavill being anything less than gorgeous helped soothe any wounded ego the Man of Steel might have.

As for our expert opinion, Henry Cavill has nothing to worry about when it comes to his nose. At worst, you could call it a slightly larger nose, but anything smaller would look downright tiny on his outsize frame. Mostly, though, we hope all the would-be Lex Luthors out there aren’t writing down notes on just how easy it is to make Superman feel bad about himself.