Halle Berry Posted A Topless Video To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

By Rick Gonzales | 4 months ago

Halle Berry

Love was in the air and, thanks to Halle Berry, it was also splashed all over social media. Berry posted a Valentine’s Day video with her boyfriend, singer Van Hunt, both in their underwear and without tops on.

The video clip, which lasts for about 15 seconds, has Halle Berry standing next to Van Hunt with Berry wearing a pair of heart-print MeUndies, while Hunt is sporting a pair of black boxers. The clip also shows Berry dancing topless as one of Hunt’s tunes plays over the video.

It appears the video could be a bit of sponsorship by MeUndies as Halle Berry’s caption reads, “You keep everything simple @vanhunt #valentinesdayweekend,” then Berry followed that with “Music by the one & only Van Hunt @meundies.” On Hunt’s Instagram page, he posted a similar picture of the two standing next to each other, again in their underwear and no top with a caption that read, “smilin’ cheek to cheek.”

A few hours later, Halle Berry was back on Instagram with a few selfies of her and Hunt and a hopeful message for those still looking for love or still working on love.

Since she broke the news back in September 2020 of her relationship with Hunt, the thrice-married Halle Berry has been quite open about this new relationship. She told the world of her pairing with Hunt on another Instagram when she posted herself wearing a Van Hunt t-shirt and the caption, “now ya know…”

Halle Berry is no stranger to high-profile relationships, as well as high-profile break-ups. She was first married to former baseball star David Justice, but that lasted only four years. Her second marriage was to singer-songwriter Eric Benét, but that one famously ended when Benét underwent treatment for sex addiction. Berry’s third marriage to actor Olivier Martinez was only three-years and included a famous dust-up between Halle Berry’s former boyfriend and father of their daughter, Gabriel Aubry, that concluded with both men going to the hospital for injuries sustained during their fight.

Her famous breakups led to a troll attack on Halle Berry, the main theme being that Catwoman “can’t keep a man.” Berry finally had enough and decided to engage with, “Who says I wanna keep the wrong man? Cuz… I don’t.” But trolls being trolls pressed her, needling her about husbands who pay for everything. Berry was quick on the rebuttal, “No man has ever taken care of me… EVER!” Then her track record was questioned, which she countered with, “Who said I wanted to keep them? I’m all about living your best life. If you make a wrong move, course correct and re-spin and start again!”

Just last year, Halle Berry also made her directorial debut in Bruised, which she also starred in. In the film, Berry played Jackie Justice, a disgraced MMA fighter who takes on a new rising star, all while trying to be a good mother to her six-year-old. Berry is also currently filming Moonfall, the latest science fiction action film by Roland Emmerich. The film follows a group of strangers who unite to try and save the Earth after the Moon falls out of orbit. Berry stars alongside Patrick Wilson, Charlie Plummer, Donald Sutherland, and Michael Peña.

Finding love at 54 is a good look for Halle Berry. She also seems to have found comfort in her own skin, as she shows more and more of it as she ages. By all appearances, Berry finally looks content and more importantly, in love. Whether it will last for the Oscar-winner, well, only time will tell.