Halle Berry Nude: Why She Did It And Why She’s Showing More Than Ever

At 54-years old, Halle Berry continues to turn heads. She is pushing herself harder than ever to stay in shape.

By Rick Gonzales

Halle Berry bikini naked

Halle Berry has been totally nude on film before, but that was years ago. Now she’s in her 50s but, don’t think that means she’s hiding her body. Make no mistake about it, Halle Berry still has it going on.

Halle Berry’s Beauty

Whether naked, clothed, or bikinied Halle Berry has always been one of the most beautiful women in the world. She was the first runner-up in the 1986 Miss USA pageant and then she became the first African American to enter the Miss World’s, where she came in sixth place. While beauty has been one of her known qualities long time, she is of course known for much more than just that.

Just by looking at the actress, it is hard to believe that Halle Berry is in her 50s. She is a mother of two, and she is now increasing her time behind the camera as a director and producer as well as in front of the camera, so finding time to keep herself in such great shape can be a chore. But the actress is so it will be nice to see her hard work pay off in Bruised.

Halle Berry’s beauty has always been a big part of her career. It even resulted in a couple of infamous scenes where she was nude on screen. Still, she is of course known for much more than just that.

Halle Berry Nude On Instagram

Halle Berry continues to turn heads, even going nude on Instagram. She is pushing herself harder than ever to stay in shape, as evidenced by her recent Instagram posts of her in a backless bikini and another of her beach workout. She’s not nude, but she’s near enough to it, and she has nothing to be ashamed of.

Halle Berry’s Instagram page is often extremely risque. While it does contain the normal number of photos of the actress wearing fancy dresses, she also frequently uses it to post nude, or at least partially nude photos of herself.

Movies Where Halle Berry Did Nude Scenes

Halle Berry naked

In 2001, Halle Berry was in the John Travolta/Hugh Jackman-led movie Swordfish. The movie was mostly forgettable, slightly good, but it was known for one thing: it’s the movie where Halle Berry got naked. After much discussion, consideration, and internal reflection, Halle Berry decided she was going to go topless in the movie. It was a big decision, no pun intended. It also wasn’t a decision Berry took lightly.

Talking about her decision to go naked for Swordfish Halle told Entertainment Weekly, “So much of my life I was afraid to [do a nude scene],” she says. “With the success of my Dorothy Dandridge project and the critical acclaim that brought me, I finally felt that I didn’t have to prove myself anymore.” The proof wasn’t geared toward her career or her fans, but more to herself. Again, a tough decision but Halle Berry naked happened.

Halle Berry  bikini
Halle Berry in Swordfish

It took her then-husband, Eric Benet, to encourage her to take the risk to be naked on camera with his full support. She also, obviously, had the full support of the film’s producer Joel Silver, who is known for his R-rated action films that have a tendency to show a little skin. ”I’ve known Halle for years, and I felt this was time for her to do this,” he also said to Entertainment Weekly. “I think it’s cool for the character and good for the box office.”

How Much She Got For Going Nude

She also had the backing of her film’s director, Dominic Sena, who may or may not have been joking when he disclosed the bump in pay Halle Berry received for going topless.

According to Sena, Berry received an additional $500,000 for her decision to be naked. His “joke” was that Berry got “$250,000 per breast”, a fee that Berry has denied. And while the scene was ultimately only about three seconds in length, it perhaps changed history for the beautiful actress.

Graphic Sex Scenes Were Next

sex scene

With the anxiety of being nude on film out of the way, Halle Berry’s project following Swordfish has been by far the most controversial in her career. The movie was called Monster’s Ball and not only was it controversial for its story, but it was also controversial for its graphic love scene between Berry and co-star Billy Bob Thornton, who played a bigoted correctional officer who was present when Berry’s husband was executed. And it wasn’t graphic just because Halle Berry was naked in it.

Initially, the Halle Berry sex scene was so graphic that it caused the movie to receive an NC-17 rating. The film then had to have a minute cut from its final edit to get the movie an R-rating status.

Berry told the New York Post that it was the nude scenes she did in Swordfish that helped her when it came to Monster’s Ball. “If I hadn’t done that and been over it, when I got to the love scene in the ‘Monster’s Ball’ script, I would have stopped reading and said, ‘Not for me.’“

Monsters Ball
Halle Berry and Billy Bob Thornton in Monster’s Ball

But once she started reading the script, even with the nudity in it, she was hooked. “I was shocked; I was riveted; I was moved, sad, angry,” she says. “I felt I could totally relate to this woman character – she was strong, yet very vulnerable; she was angry, but very fragile; she went on a journey and, at the end, through her perseverance and strength, she bettered her life. At that moment, I called up my manager and said, ‘Let the fight begin! I want this.’“ And she got the part.

Early Halle Berry

Her early career saw Halle Berry get her feature film start with a small role in Spike Lee’s Jungle Fever. Her rise after this performance was quick. After ‘Fever’ came Strictly Business and then The Last Boy Scout. Berry took a recurring role in the TV series Knot’s Landing but from there the bulk of her career turned to feature films. Boomerang with Eddie Murphy was next for Berry and then she received critical acclaim for her portrayal in Queen: The Story of an American Family as a biracial slave.

Halle Berry as a Bond Girl

After a slew of movies that included The Program, The Flintstones, Executive Decision, The Rich Man’s Wife, and Bullworth, Berry gained even more recognition with her portrayal as Dorothy Dandridge, the first black woman to be nominated for an Academy Award, in the movie Introducing Dorothy Dandridge. She turned that role into her first superhero movie when she played Storm in X-Men. It was about this time in her career, not that she needed it, but she decided it was time to open eyes even more than she had been doing.

How She Became A Huge Star


Since Monster’s Ball, Halle Berry has been seen in countless films. However Halle Berry hasn’t done a nude scene on screen again since then.

Instead, Halley has been a Bond girl in Die Another Day, she reprised her role as Storm in X2: X-Men United, X-Men: The Last Stand, and X-Men: The Days of Future Past. She has been seen in New Year’s Eve, Cloud Atlas, The Call, and Kidnap. Berry has also been seen in Kingsman: The Golden Circle and John Wick 3 – Parabellum.

Halle Berry naked
Halle Berry in John Wick

It was John Wick where she turned her workout routine into overdrive and it helped, for the most part. The actress revealed that she broke three ribs while rehearsing for the action film.

She told Extra, “It was pretty amazing [to work with Keanu]. It was a little terrifying at first because he’s so damn good, and I wanted to be on the same level as him. I didn’t want to disappoint him. I broke three ribs when I was rehearsing for John Wick… It’s like a badge of honor for me, we don’t know how it happened.”

Halley Berry in Bruised

She’s also trained for a role in which she plays an aging MMA fighter in Bruised, a film in which Berry is also made her directorial debut. The story tells of Jackie, a disgraced fighter who has to rededicate her life to fighting when her 6-year old son comes back into her life.

It’s unlikely Halle Berry will be nude in this movie, but she’s at a place in her career now where she has nothing more she needs to prove.