How Halle Berry Knew Catwoman Was Terrible While She Was Making It

Halle Berry recounts her bad feelings about the production of the infamous flop, Catwoman.

By Drew Dietsch | Updated

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Halle Berry is an incredibly talented actor, but that has not stopped her from ending up in some not-so-great films. Her most infamous flop has to be 2004 superhero flop, Catwoman. And now, the Oscar-winning actress has spoken up about the uneasiness she felt during the development of the project.

In a recent interview with Variety to promote her directorial debut Bruised, Halle Berry spoke about her experience working on Catwoman and how she felt anxious about the project from the get-go. Berry felt that the story “wasn’t right,” and she was ambivalent about the plot centering around insidious beauty products instead of a world-saving plot like other superheroes normally get in their movies.

Unfortunately, Halle Berry did not have enough say in the matter to influence the direction of Catwoman‘s story. As Berry states in the interview, she was just an “actor for hire.” Considering how much creative input other leading actors in superhero franchises have over their characters, it is disappointing to hear that an accomplished thespian like Berry was not really involved in choices that could have potentially improved the character and story.

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It is a shame that Halle Berry will always have the shadow of Catwoman looming over her career as it is often cited as one of the absolute worst superhero movies of all time. Some folks aren’t quite that harsh on the movie as it does have some bonkers charms, but it is undeniable that Catwoman‘s legacy has left an indelible stamp on the superhero genre of film.

That does not mean that Halle Berry has completely discounted her experience making Catwoman. She made quite the impression when she showed up to accept her Worst Actress award at the 2005 Golden Raspberry Awards, and it showed that she was willing to poke fun at herself. Berry also gave upcoming Catwoman actress Zoe Kravitz some encouraging words for her role in The Batman. Though people may always remember her part in the widely derided film, her own attitude about it does not seem that malicious.

It would be fun to see Halle Berry make some kind of appearance in a future endeavor that acted as a wink to her role in Catwoman. With news that the DC cinematic universe will be exploring multiple worlds that includes previous DC films, it is not out of the realm of possibility that Berry could have a cameo as Patience Phillips in some future project. We have seen Ryan Reynolds make comical references to his past as Green Lantern in the Deadpool films. Halle Berry certainly deserves the chance to do the same with her Catwoman character.

While it is a bummer to hear that Halle Berry was unable to do anything to make Catwoman a better movie, she still has the distinction of getting to play one of the most well-known and beloved characters in all of comic book fiction. And though its reputation is as one of the worst superhero movies ever made, Catwoman is still an integral part of superhero cinema history.