Gina Carano Now Has A Content Warning On Her Social Media

Are Gina Carano's social media posts putting her accounts in jeopardy?

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Gina Carano is the actress who used to play Cara Dune on The Mandalorian. That was before Disney fired her for continually posting controversial content on social media. Apparently, Disney isn’t the only company uncomfortable with what Carano posts. Now, Twitter has placed a warning for sensitive content over her entire account.

So, what did she post this time that brought about the content warning? As was the case with Disney firing her, it seems like it may have been more than one post. On Twitter, having a single post flagged happens a fair amount these days. When this happens, a warning covers the individual post. Users then have to click that they accept the warning and still want to see the tweet. That same type of warning has been placed over her entire account, making the screen white until you read through the sensitive content warning and click that you still wish to view Gina Carano’s content.

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We do not currently know why Carano’s account has been marked with a content warning. She hasn’t shared what Twitter may have said to her when it happened. However, based on her recent posts on other social media, there are likely culprits. According to Twitter’s sensitive media policy, content gets tagged when it’s deemed hateful, violent, or adult in nature. However, these days, we know that Twitter is coming down on accounts that make misleading statements about COVID-19. If you post inaccurate information about the coronavirus, you fall into Twitter’s new system. Currently, their policy for this involves five stages, and none of them currently mention your account having a sensitive content warning placed over it. However, Gina Carano has a high-profile account, so the handling may be different.

She may not have posted something about COVID. It is entirely likely that her account was marked sensitive for posting something under the heading of “violent, hateful, or adult in nature”. The post that finally got her fired from Disney was one she shared in her Instagram Stories. It included a comparison to the experiences of Jewish people during WWII with Republicans in the United States today. This would fall under the “hateful” policy content warning. However, recently, she’s been posting about the pandemic, particularly about the science behind the coronavirus.

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A lot of what you see in Carano’s Twitter account is similar in content to her Instagram Stories. Around the same time that Twitter placed a content warning over Gina Carano’s account, she posted a Story on Instagram. That Story linked to a post that has a fact-checker warning over it.

In order to see the Instagram post she linked to, you have to click that you are okay with seeing content that has been labeled false and misleading. Instagram offers the option for more information on why a post is considered misleading. In the case of what Carano linked to, the fact-checking service Science Feedback said that the information in the post claiming to be based on proven science was considered false. In the more information box, it explained, “Not all coronaviruses are seasonal, contrary to pathologist Ryan Cole’s claim: COVID-19 vaccines are effective at preventing illness – Health Feedback.” If you are interested in seeing the misleading COVID post that Gina Carano linked to in her Instagram Stories, you can do so here.

Following that Story, she posted a meme to both Twitter and her Instagram Stories that called fact-checkers into question. She then shot back at the Twitter content warning with a photo of herself that she self-labeled “Sensitive Content”.

For now, Gina Carano still has a Twitter account. But is the actress likely to end up banned from the platform altogether? According to their policies, that’s entirely possible. It would seem that her social media accounts are important to her. After all, she lost her role on The Mandalorian because she didn’t want to give up her right to post what she wanted online. While she found new work with The Daily Wire, she still clearly values her accounts. What will she do if she’s banned from social media altogether? The content warning over her account is a warning to Carano as well. Somehow, after everything, it seems doubtful she’ll heed it.