See Elizabeth Hurley In A Bikini And Straw Hat In Sexy Video

Check out Elizabeth Hurley getting a lot of attention on Instagram once again, this time in another sexy bikini

By David Harrison | Published

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Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley originally came on the scene thanks to her talent and stunningly attractive looks. On the latter front, it would seem little has changed over the years. The model, actress, and now fashion mogul has maintained her gorgeous appearance over the years and it’s almost unfathomable to think that she’s just about pushing six decades on this planet. We should all have it so good. Now, she’s at it again on Instagram, this time dancing in what’s becoming her signature style on the social media platform. Namely, she’s once again wearing a bikini and we are completely here for it.

The Elizabeth Hurley Instagram post went up on Monday and it has her slowly dancing in front of foliage while wearing a yellow string bikini. There’s a straw hat involved as well, but that’s more a prop than anything else, something to only briefly shift your attention from the main attraction. Elizabeth Hurley will often use social media to help promote some of her signature offerings and this post is no different. Here she’s pulling double-duty, in that she’s helping to sell her personal line of swimwear through Elizabeth Hurley Beach and there’s also a team-up with Clinique as well. Check out the Elizabeth Hurley Instagram post to see what I mean.

As of this writing, Elizabeth Hurley’s Instagram post had garnered significant attention on the social media platform. It had more than 230K likes which isn’t all that big of a surprise considering the actress and model has more than 2.4 million followers over there. Her posts tend to have high engagement and it’s easy to see why. Hurley would appear to know where her bread is buttered with these posts. After all, it doesn’t look like she’s aged a day in the last couple of decades. How this is even possible genetically is anyone’s guess, but she’s clearly pulled it off.

And selling her swim style on Instagram has clearly helped Elizabeth Hurley as well. Her swimwear collection includes all manner of offerings and it isn’t just for adults either. There are kid’s swimsuits on there as well. It’s a massive business built on the back of Hurley still being a stunner at age 57. From that standpoint, she picked the right lane outside of acting.

On the acting front, Elizabeth Hurley has some movies coming out over the next year plus. Welcome to Georgia has already completed filming and she’ll star as a young, single grandmother who is tasked with helping to raise her grandson when both parents’ careers take off at the same time. And then there is The Piper which will have her playing a teacher and raising a young daughter who’s trying to solve a local mystery. And finally, Christmas in the Caribbean will offer a sunnier look at the holiday than we might be used to seeing. So it’s all working for Elizabeth Hurley these days with the Instagram feed keeping fans coming back. It’s easy to see why this is the case.