Johnny Depp Now Has The Career Amber Heard Lost, See Him Doing Her Thing

By Chris Snellgrove | Published

Johnny Dep[

Once upon a time, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard seemed happily married, but after those two got divorced, a highly public defamation trial gave us an intimate look at just how dysfunctional that relationship really was. At the height of their marital controversies, Depp lost many prominent film gigs, including playing Grindelwald in the Fantastic Beasts films, and fans were hoping his legal victory in the trial would help him land more work.

Now, not only is Johnny Depp getting more work, he seems to be getting exactly the work Amber is losing. L’Oréal has allegedly dropped Heard as a brand ambassador while Dior renewed a contract with Depp, meaning he effectively has her old job.

And while L’Oreal didn’t make any public announcement about firing Amber Heard, all you have to do to confirm the news is check out their page listing L’Oreal brand ambassadors. She was on that page as recently as July 24, listed as a “modern superheroine,” but it now looks like her name was quietly removed from a list that still includes major actors like Kate Winslet and Viola Davis.

Meanwhile, Johnny Depp got a similar job for another beauty company even as Amber Heard lost her old gig as a brand ambassador.

Amber Heard pitching L’Oreal

Johnny Depp actually signed a contract with Dior back in May and over two months before Amber Heard lost her ambassadorship with L’Oreal. While many movie buffs weren’t aware of the contract he landed, it was a fairly big deal in the beauty industry: Depp is receiving over $20 million from Dior, making this the largest deal in men’s fragrance history. Of course, Depp has been serving as the face of Dior Sauvage since 2015, and he has been a consistent earner for the company.

A few years ago, many criticized Dior for not dropping Jonny Depp amid all of the allegations that he was a domestic abuser who had beaten Amber Heard. But the company stuck by Depp, which has proven to be a very profitable arrangement. One Twitter user discovered that in 2021, Dior sold one of Depp’s Sauvage bottles once every three seconds, meaning they were making $4.5 million in sales every day.

In other words, Johnny Depp wasn’t in much danger of losing his own brand ambassador status since he is such a cash cow for Dior, and his legal victory over Amber Heard has helped remove any remaining controversy from their continuing to sponsor him. Depp’s new deal with Dior will last for three years and effectively serves as proof that even if Depp is done with Hollywood as he claims, he can still leverage his popularity into some major deals.  

In the meantime, it’s hard not to view Jonny Depp’s major deal with Dior and Amber Heard’s major loss with L’Oreal as a sign that more people are willing to support Depp after his defamation trial victory. Only time will tell if this growing acceptance means that Depp will return to the kinds of mainstream films like Pirates of the Caribbean that helped make him a household name.

Even if we can’t watch more adventures of Depp’s Jack Sparrow on the big screen, the actor’s deal with Dior means that we can at least smell like his iconic Disney pirate (rum optional, of course).