See Christina Ricci Channel Cruella In A Low Cut Dress

By Phillip Moyer | Published

Christina Ricci

Cruella lives for furs. Actress Christina Ricci, on the other hand, is fine just wearing spots. The Addams Family star has shown a liking for a Dalmation’s unique pattern in a newly-released Instagram post.

According to Christina Ricci’s Instagram, she wore the Galvan London dress to a Screen Actors’ Guild event promoting the Showtime series Yellowjackets. The spotted dress continues her recent streak of showing off bold new outfits. In the past month, her Instagram feed has featured her in a bright cyan gown, a Black Lace Dress, a pure white winter ensemble, a flower-themed dress with an open front, a transparent spider-themed dress, a black sequin top, and a translucent black dress with a leather hood. 

Christina Ricci is also wearing a pair of black high-heeled Valentino shoes. She has been seen wearing those shoes in multiple Instagram posts. Most recently, she described those as her favorite shoes when wearing them to a Bravo Watch What Happens Live event.

While her spotted dress might channel Cruella, the rest of Christina’s outfit at the SAG-AFTRA event tells a different story. Her short black hair and stark makeup, done by Mark Hampton and Allan Avendaño, give more of an Addams Family vibe. Perhaps it’s a call back to her roots, though she’s channeling a more-stylish Morticia or a grown-up Wednesday is up for debate. 

christina ricci
Christina Ricci in Wednesday

On a side note, the dress pattern is oddly reminiscent of the dress that Watchmen’s Rorschach cut apart to fashion his mask in the original comics — minus the constantly-shifting patterns, of course. Rorschach claimed he thought the dress was beautiful. Christina Ricci, it seems, has similar tastes as the outcast vigilante.

Christina Ricci’s appearance at the SAG-AFTRA even comes as the 42-year-old actress has been making something of a comeback. Besides starring in Yellowjackets and appearing as Marilyn Thornhill in Tim Burton’s Netflix series Wednesday, Ricci recently starred in the 2022 horror mystery Monstrous. She also had a brief role in The Matrix Resurrections and appeared in a season 5 episode of the hit animated series Rick and Morty. 

While Christina Ricci has always been able to get steady work in Hollywood, she hasn’t been a big name since she was a child actress typecast in mildly spooky roles. Most notably, she appeared in 1991’s The Addams Family, 1993’s Addams Family Values, and 1995’s Casper

Whether Ricci’s time back in the spotlight will last remains to be seen. She’s set to appear in the next season of Wednesday, her only other upcoming roles are relatively low-key. She’s set to star in the sci-fi film The Dresden Sun produced by the small film studio Archetype Pictures, along with lending her voice to the upcoming podcast Harley Quinn & The Joker: Sound Mind. She will also star in an animated adaptation of the 2002 novella Unplugged. which has author Paul McComas listed as its co-director.