See Brie Larson Pose In A Tiny Mini-Skirt

Brie Larson looks amazing in a short skirt.

By Chris Snellgrove | Published

brie larson

If you’re a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you might be used to seeing Brie Larson dressed in the bright colors of her film Captain Marvel (still streaming on Disney+ if you need another dose of that creepy de-aging effect on Samuel L. Jackson). However, Larson recently posted a couple of sizzling pics to her Instagram account, and she’s dressed so dark that you might expect her to pop up on the next season of Wednesday. However, we’re pretty sure that Larson’s skirt, which is so short that it’s practically invisible, might get her in trouble at Nevermore Academy.

From a fashion standpoint, Brie Larson is making some interesting choices with her wardrobe. For example, she pairs the world’s tiniest skirt with a dark blazer, and the blazer is all you can really see in the first image. It’s the second image that showcases the tiny skirt, and we can’t help but wonder if she was inspired by the classic song from Cake in which the singer enthusiastically announces “I want a girl with a short skirt and a long, long jacket.”

Speaking of enthusiastic announcements, Brie Larson captioned her post by wishing everyone a happy Oscars weekend and good luck to everyone nominated. She also tagged the different designers as well as the stylist who helped her put this look together. Most interestingly, she commented on her choice to pair her corporate goth look with dark red lipstick, saying that she is entering her “red lip era” (although judging from some of the comments her post received on Instagram, this might be more accurately labeled as Larson’s “mommy era”).

While Brie Larson’s entire getup looks very different from the colorful Marvel costume we associate her with, we can’t help but wonder if this darker look might give us a hint about her character’s fashion in the upcoming Vin Diesel vehicle Fast X. So far, we don’t know much about that movie except that her character is named “Tess” and that she wears some wicked, black high-heeled boots. Those aren’t the same boots that this red-lip era Larson is rocking, but they’d fit right in with the rest of her outfit.

the marvels

If you’d prefer to see Larson back in her colorful Marvel costume, though, we have some good news: you won’t have long to wait. The Marvels (a movie that unites Captain Marvel with both Kamala Khan and Monica Rambeau) will be released on November 10, and this will give us only our second real outing with Captain Marvel (after her hit 2019 movie, she has mostly been relegated to memorable MCU cameos). This unlikely superhero team-up was set up by a post-credits sequence in Ms. Marvel, though that brief scene didn’t really indicate what we could expect from The Marvels.

Then again, as Brie Larson’s unexpectedly awesome outfit demonstrates, she is a master of the unexpected, often making bold choices that alternate between getting her into trouble (we all remember the awkward comments about white critics, right?) and making her a Hollywood legend (it only takes watching a single scene of Room to see why she won the Oscar for Best Actress).

If we are truly now in the red-lip era for this hot blonde, then we can’t wait to see what fierce looks she unleashes next. But Larson should beware: Taylor Swift is the “endgame” boss for all smoking, red-lipped blondes, and we get the impression she’s a lot tougher to beat than Thanos ever was (and like the mad Titan, she certainly knew how to destroy Loki actor Tom Hiddleston).