Joe Rogan Knows Why People Hate Captain Marvel

Joe Rogan believes many Marvel fans hate Captain Marvel because she doesn't have a boyfriend.

By Chris Snellgrove | Published

Joe Rogan Captain Marvel

To this day, there is no Marvel Cinematic Universe character quite so divisive as Captain Marvel. Some find the powerful hero an awesome and inspirational addition to the MCU, but others have expressed problems with everything from her hairstyle to Brie Larson, the actor behind the spandex. On an episode of his recent podcast, Joe Rogan claims to have figured out why people hate Captain Marvel: the fact that “they almost gave her too many powers” and that the independent superhero didn’t have “a boyfriend” like Wonder Woman did, which is why the host thinks fans “liked [Wonder Woman] better.”

As with many proclamations from Joe Rogan, his thoughts on Captain Marvel seem to be a mixed bag. For example, he may have a point when it comes to the idea of making her character too powerful in relation to other MCU heroes. At one point in the podcast, Rogan asked an interesting question: “if [Thor] is a god, then what the f**k is Captain Marvel because that sh*t trumps everything.”

One of the problems with the MCU is that, eventually, you’ll always find yourself wondering why the authorities and other heroes don’t call in some bigger guns when they need help. But both the Captain Marvel movie and the climax of Avengers: Endgame, in which Captain Marvel respectively fought an entire alien fleet and went toe-to-toe with Thanos, established her as the most powerful superhero around who could instantly end almost any battle. Joe Rogan seems to be pointing out that having a character as disproportionately powerful as Captain Marvel makes it hard to create balanced battles, and this is likely why she has made so few appearances in the MCU so far.

Joe Rogan Captain Marvel
Chris Pine and Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman 1984

However, Joe Rogan’s second point, that fans don’t like Captain Marvel due to a lack of a boyfriend seems really out there. The host wants to compare Captain Marvel to Wonder Woman, but while it’s true that Chris Pine was a charming love interest in Wonder Woman, he wasn’t exactly the big draw for audiences compared to Gal Gadot. And the return of Chris Pine’s character ended up being arguably one of the worst parts of Wonder Woman 1984.

And it’s worth noting that Joe Rogan is basing his entire discussion of Captain Marvel on the idea that most fans hate the character. Her movie made over $1 billion and outgrossed Wonder Woman and dozens of other superhero movies. Quite frankly, characters that are hated by most of the public don’t go on to headline such high-grossing films.

Chances are high that Joe Rogan is dunking on Captain Marvel because of statements that Brie Larson previously made about not caring what white critics have to say about certain films. This statement ended up being a flashpoint in the neverending culture wars that are the bread and butter for hosts like Rogan, so it’s no surprise that his big note for Marvel executives is to make the character less powerful and give her a random boyfriend. Don’t be too hard on Rogan, though: we’re confident he’s going to forget about Captain Marvel and start ranting about weird Boomer memes he found on Facebook any minute now.