Amber Heard Gets Unfollowed By Aquaman Director

People have begun to distance themselves from Amber Heard, as the director for Aquaman 2 has unfollowed Heard on social media.

By Dan Lawrence | Published

amber heard

The past few weeks have seen former married couple Johnny Depp and Amber heard battle in court in a defamation trial that has gripped the world’s media. Ahead of the court’s final ruling, it appears that the court of public opinion has ruled in favor of Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp as opposed to Heard. To make matters seemingly worse for the actress, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Kingdom director James Wan has unfollowed Amber Heard on Social Media, Epicstream reports.

According to Epicstream, fans noticed that in James Wan’s list of followed accounts on Instagram, Amber Heard no longer features. In the same report, claims are made that both Warner Bros. Pictures and Warner Bros. Entertainment’s accounts have also unfollowed the actress. This may seem a minor change, but given the circumstances, it appears incredibly coincidental and reactionary for all three parties to act in this way. Especially given that there has been a major push from a contingent of movie fans to have Amber Heard removed from Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. As of last week, a petition on to remove the actor from the DC movie had surpassed a staggering four million signatures. In the past, Warner Bros executives had made it clear that they wouldn’t be bowing to pressure from fans regarding Heard’s involvement in the movie. However, reports claim that Amber Heard’s character Mera will have just ten minutes of screentime in the film, a remarkable comedown from the first Aquaman movie, which saw Amber Heard’s character feature prominently throughout. Could this, coupled with the recent unfollowing from both James Wan and Warner Bros, signal that a change of thought is occurring?

The call to have Amber Heard removed from the movie and how that possibly ties into James Wan unfollowing the actress on Instagram is in relation to a current court case that sees Heard being sued by ex-husband Johnny Depp to the tune of $50 million. Depp is suing for defamation of character related to an op-ed piece Heard published in The Washington Post in 2018 that many saw as implying Depp allegedly was an abusive partner in the pair’s relationship. Depp eventually lost a libel case against UK Newspaper The Sun in 2020 that branded him as a ‘wife beater’. The current case, which also sees Heard countersuing to the tune of $100 million, has gone over the pair’s relationship in detail from both sides of the argument. However, there has been a series of events where Heard’s legal counsel has suffered setbacks in their case, which has helped fuel the current public opinion of the actress.

Whether James Wan’s reported unfollowing of Amber heard bears any relation to the ongoing defamation trial is purely up for debate. However, given the reaction to the defamation trial thus far, it isn’t difficult to imagine many people connecting the two and citing a direct correlation. Does this signal the end of Amber Heard’s DC career? Only time will tell on that matter, but given that it is likely contractual obligations may prevent Heard’s removal from Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom (as We Got This Covered found in 2020), the actress’s ten minutes of screentime could very possibly remain when the film hits US theatres in March 2023.