Amber Heard’s Case Against Johnny Depp Suffers A Huge Blow

By James Brizuela | 6 days ago

amber heard

Amber Heard and her legal team began their attempt to take down Johnny Depp one and for all. Earlier in court, Heard’s legal counsel filed a motion to have the case thrown out completely, as they have stated many times that her op-ed piece in The Washington Post did not defame Depp in any way. Her legal team claims the actor was thrown out of the Pirates of the Caribbean reboot and Fantastic Beasts franchises based on his own behavior. However, the judge presiding over the case has ruled that the trial will continue, as Depp’s legal team has provided enough evidence to support his case of defamation.

Now that this case will continue on, Amber Heard will have to take the stand and argue her side of the story to the jurors and judge. Ben Rottenborn, Heard’s lawyer, claims that Johnny Depp is aware of what abuse looks like. Depp told the court stories about the abuse he suffered at the hands of his mother. That same abuse was corroborated by Depp’s sister, who took the stand. According to Rottenborn, “In this case, if Mr. Depp abused Ms. Heard, physically verbally, emotionally, or psychologically even one time, then she wins on those claims. She wins. It’s that simple.” Rottenborn is referring to the fact that Depp has stated himself that he knows what abuse looks like.

Ben Chew, Johnny Depp’s lawyer, has stated many times that Amber Heard is the one who is the abuser in the courtroom. Depp’s legal counsel has stated many times and shown plenty of evidence that could certainly prove that fact. There have been videos shown where Depp’s finger was lacerated, and audio recordings of Heard harassing the man. All this evidence was enough for Judge Penney Azcarate to strike down Heard’s legal team from dismissing the case. Now she will likely take the stand starting tomorrow, and it will be full of drama as it was when Depp was cross-examined last week.

Amber Heard could be in a bit more trouble considering there have been many times in which claims by her legal counsel have been debunked. One of the biggest debunked pieces of evidence was presented by the testimony of two cops who had investigated a domestic abuse call from Heard. The bodycam footage showed the officers arrive at an apartment that she was at, with both officers stating that Heard no visible injuries and she refused medical treatment or help. Another instance for Heard is that her legal team claimed she had to carry around a makeup kit to cover up the bruises on her face that were left by Johnny Depp. However, the makeup company was quick to point out that the kit had not made it to retail stores until a year after this abuse occurred.

This trial has certainly been wild, and now things are going to get that much crazier. Amber Heard will now take the stand as early as tomorrow. She will have to convince the jurors and judge presiding over the case that she was in fact abused by Johnny Depp. Also, her legal team will attempt to reiterate that her op-ed piece was not the reason that Depp lost out on millions due to being fired by two different film franchises.