See Alison Brie Pose In A Tiny Zebra Bikini Top

Alison Brie has two movies out this year, but that doesn't mean she can't take the time to look fantastic in zebra stripes.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

alison brie

Alison Brie first broke out to audiences with a supporting role on the AMC drama Mad Men, starring as Trudy, the wife of a petulant man-child of an ad executive played by Vincent Kartheiser. But what could have been a minor role for many actors became a huge stepping stone for Alison Brie, who next would appear in a larger starring role on the acclaimed cult sitcom Community. Since then, her star has only gone up in Hollywood. All of this is to say that Alison Brie looks extremely fantastic in a tiny zebra-print bikini top. Check it out:

This picture comes courtesy of the official Instagram account of Alison Brie, which she often used to highlight some spectacular outfits. This photo set comes from a photo shoot for Story and Rain digital magazine, presumably as part of the actor’s recent press junket for her recent film Spin Me Round. In the first image, Alison Brie is dramatically posing in an all-zebra print outfit. Her long dark hair is falling over the shoulders of a long coat, which covers a bikini top and skirt; however, it does not cover her bare and toned stomach. 

In the second image of the set, Alison Brie is perched on a stool in what seems to be a deserted cafe. She is holding a glass of wine and gazing coyly at the camera. She has changed up the zebra print outfit for a 1960s-inspired mini dress. The third photo in the set sees Alison Brie lying on a blue blush sofa, wearing a dusty orange dress with a pair of large safety pins stuck to her hip. She is also wearing a matching pair of orange glasses, giving it all a very Swinging London look. 

Alison Brie’s latest film Spin Me Round is a reunion with her frequent collaborator Jeff Baena. Baena directed the film and co-wrote with Alison Brie; they have also worked together on the dark medieval comedy The Little Hours and the psychological drama Horse Girl. Spin Me Round also reunites the pair with Aubrey Plaza, who co-starred in The Little Hours as part of a trio of foul-mouthed nuns with Alison Brie and Kate Micucci and also appeared in The Happiest Season with Brie. 

Spin Me Round stars Alison Brie as the manager of an Olive Garden-style restaurant in Bakersfield, California, who seems to be blankly going nowhere in a rut of life. Unexpectedly, she is selected to travel to Italy to attend a managerial conference and is thrilled to have what seems like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. However, things immediately seem to get strange in Italy; her passport is confiscated by the conference manager, the CEO of the restaurant group (Alessandro Nivola) is oddly intense, and a mysterious figure played by Aubrey Plaza seems to be constantly lurking. Alison Brie is joined by a stellar cast of comic actors, including Molly Shannon, Tim Heidecker, Zach Woods, and Ayden Mayeri. In addition to Spin Me Round, Alison Brie will soon be starring in a romantic drama titled Somebody I Used to Know.