Alexandra Daddario Is Flawless In Tight New Workout Clothes

You'll never hear us tell her to stop exercising.

By Michileen Martin | Published

alexandra daddario

You ever hear someone talk about a vicious cycle? Like, one bad thing causes another bad thing and so on, and each bad thing makes it that much harder to get the cycle to stop? Well if there’s an opposite of the vicious cycle, it looks like Alexandra Daddario enjoys it. She works out, she gets a more athletic body; then she a more fit body to show off while working out, etc. At least, that’s what it seems like in her latest social media post.

The actress posted to her official Instagram account on Monday, showing off her form-fitting exercise outfit as she was stepping outside. In the first image you can see her talking to her adorable rescue dog Eunice. The next image is in black-and-white, with Alexandra Daddario hitting us with a bit more of a serious, “come hither” look. She captions the images with, “Enjoying the warmer days” while tagging Alo Yoga, the company that designed the outfit. You can see both photos below.

Last year, Alexandra Daddario enjoyed one of her most acclaimed roles to date. She starred in HBO’s satirical dramedy The White Lotus as Rachel, a struggling journalist who’s just been wed to the real estate agent Shane (Jake Lacy). While a second season has been ordered for the series, it doesn’t seem likely Daddario will appear. Of all of the inaugural season’s cast, the only actor who will be coming back for the second season is Jennifer Coolidge (American Pie). The first season takes place at a Hawaiian resort while the second chapter will reveal a different resort that’s part of the titular chain.

She might not be returning to The White Lotus, but Alexandra Daddario will be appearing in a different kind of series. The former Baywatch star will be leading AMC’s Mayfair Witches show, based on the popular Anne Rice novels Lives of the Mayfair Witches. Daddario plays Dr. Rowan Mayfair, a neurosurgeon who discovers she comes from a lineage of witches (hmm, a neurosurgeon who discovers a natural aptitude for magic, that sounds slightly familiar). As of yet, the only other confirmed cast member is Harry Hamlin (L.A. Law), who will play the Mayfair family patriarch Cortland Mayfair.

In the meantime, as chance would have it, two of the franchises that helped build the foundation of Daddario’s career are both poised for comebacks. Alexandra Daddario played AnnaBeth Chase in 2010’s Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief and the sole follow-up, 2013’s Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. Chase — a demigod like the eponymous hero — was Percy Jackson’s love interest in both films. Now Disney+ is developing a Percy Jackson & The Olympians TV series, this time with Jackson creator Rick Riordan more intimately involved.

There’s also work being completed on a fourth season of True Detective, the cutting crime anthology series from HBO. Since each new season features a different cast, it’s sadly unlikely Alexandra Daddario will appear. She played the recurring role of Lisa in the first season — Detective Mary Hart’s (Woody Harrelson) mistress.