See Alexandra Daddario Skinny Dipping In A Pool

Alexandra Daddario, on vacation in a tropical jungle, skinny dips in an infinite pool while blocking amazing photos of the landscape.

By Jonathan Klotz | Updated

Alexandra Daddario

Alexandra Daddario stars on The White Lotus, True Detective’s award-winning first season, two Percy Jackson movies, and Instagram feeds around the world. The acclaimed actress, known for having a real “can do” attitude about on-screen nudity, demonstrates her work ethic while on vacation in her latest social media post. Joking aside, Daddario has been garnering critical praise for her performance in season 1 of The White Lotus, with her upcoming series, The Mayfair Witches, looking incredibly creepy and sexy in its first trailers.

The first image Alexandra Daddario shared would show absolute perfection, if not for the actress blocking the view of the amazing jungle just past the edge of the infinity pool. A thumb also obscures the lush landscape, rumored to be the jungles of Costa Rica according to her social media followers. Imagine being able to sit in the infinity pool, sipping a cup of coffee, and watching the sun slowly rise over the jungle, that sounds like an an incredible vacation.

Alexandra Daddario is also blocking a fabulous tree in the second image, which judging by the orientation of the infinity pool, is the centered view when soaking in the clear water. Dipping in the pool, admiring such a gorgeous view of the natural world around you, would definitely be an amazing vacation. The curves on display look to be chiseled perfection, as it’s rare to get a great look at a mountain like that, especially one that’s so green, lush, and fertile.

Alexandra Daddario in Mayfair Witches

Going by the upcoming release date for Mayfair Witches, it’s likely that Alexandra Daddario is taking a break after filming the first season of the upcoming Anne Rice adaptation. Daddario stars as Dr. Rowan Fielding, a neurosurgeon that learns she’s inherited a powerful gift as part of an ancient family of witches. Complicating matters is Jack Huston’s Lasher, a powerful spirit bound to the family, and according to the trailer for the series, incredibly attractive.

Mayfair Witches is the first series starring role for Alexandra Daddario, who first came into the public eye as Annabelle Chase in Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, followed by recurring roles on White Collar and Parenthood. In 2012, Daddario starred in one of the biggest music videos of the year, Imagine Dragons smash hit “Radioactive”, a song that is already playing in your head, right now. Six years later, in 2018, she again took part in a music video, this time it was Maroon 5’s “Wait”, which while it didn’t reach the 1 billion views of “Radioactive”, was still a hit.

After a hectic few years in which she had six films and three series come out, Alexandra Daddario has earned the right to block her husband’s landscape photos. Mayfair Witches premieres Sunday, January 8th on AMC and AMC+, with new episodes airing every Sunday for the following eight weeks. In the meantime, fans of the star that don’t mind her getting in the way of amazing photos, should stay tuned to her social media where she’s frequently sharing both the mundane and fashionable about her career.