See Alexandra Daddario Lounging By The Pool

Alexandra Daddario has made the leap from child star to leading lady better than most, which surely earns her some pool time.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

alexandra daddario

Alexandra Daddario has made the transition from child star to adult fame better than most. After beginning her career with the usual small roles in various Law & Order shows, she slowly began to step up to recurring roles in series like Parenthood and White Collar. Alexandra Daddario got her first big break by starring in the Percy Jackson films and eventually made the leap to mature roles in True Detective and The White Lotus. All this is to say, a career like that probably is pretty exhausting, especially if you have been working non-stop since you were 16, like Alexandra Daddario. That pretty much justifies the star lounging by the pool like this:

To be fair, you could qualify this a little less as “lounging” than “collapsed in a heap.” In the images posted to her very popular Instagram, Alexandra Daddario is relaxing by a pool in an undisclosed location. The first image shows the Percy Jackson star flopped across a sunlounger, one across her face as if to block out the hateful rays of the sun itself. The other is sprawled out from the chair and honestly, it looks like Alexandra Daddario might have attempted to reach the sunlounger and barely managed to get aboard before collapsing into a deep slumber of Emmy-nomination exhaustion. Notably, the nearly empty glass of red wine next to the chair might have helped with some sleepy moods. 

In the second photo in the set, Alexandra Daddario appears to be undisturbed from her well-earned rest. The shot is a little farther back this time and from the positioning of the sunlounger, we suspect she may have moved to a different chair at some point. Detective work aside, we also get a better look at the pool Alexandra Daddario is lounging by. The water is a gorgeously deep blue, tinged green by the reflection of the lush foliage around her. While we cannot be for sure, the presence of the Italian cypresses behind the resting star of The Girlfriend Experience indicates she may be someplace in the Mediterranean. 

The third and final photo in the set shows Alexandra Daddario finally up and about, gazing down into the pool while wearing an Ebenezer Scrooge-style nightshirt. Her long dark brown hair is falling down over her face and she looks just about to test the temperature in the beautifully clear pool, using the tried and true method of tipping a toe in the water. By her side is her loyal dog Eunice, who frequently shows up as a much-loved star in Alexandra Daddario’s Instagram posts. We also get the best look at the pool, which appears to be located in a very sunny and lovely villa.

Hopefully, Alexandra Daddario is able to get some rest with Eunice at this mysterious pool. She is currently set to star in AMC’s upcoming series Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches, in which she will play the lead character Rowan Mayfair. The series is part of AMC’s growing series of Anne Rice adaptations, and we are excited to see Alexandra Daddario as the mysterious and troubled Rowan. Get some rest, Alexandra.