Alec Baldwin Posts Emotional Letter Defending The Rust Set

By Carolyn Jenkins | 1 month ago

alec baldwin shooting

The tragic story of Halyna Hutchins’ shooting on the set of Rust continues. The coverage of this story has been heavy, as is the subject matter. The entertainment industry was rocked at the news of Hutchins’ death after a gun was discharged on the set of the film. There have been many updates, but the newest information has been Alec Baldwin’s response. Baldwin was the one who discharged the gun, unaware that there was a live round in it. Since then Baldwin has released a heartfelt letter on Instagram, explaining the his version of situation to the public.

Alec Baldwin’s letter admits that the set was not perfect. Difficult conditions are often unavoidable on film sets. The long days and hectic schedules are in line with industry standards, Baldwin argues. Despite his adamant defense, the actor expresses his heartfelt grief. He proclaims that the set was a family and Hutchins was included in that family. As tragic as the circumstances are, the fact remains that Hutchins was a victim of a terrible accident that may never have a resolution. You can see Baldwin’s letter below.

Alec Baldwin’s letter is in response to the various concerns over the safety of the set. There have been some contention that the set was a “chaotic” workplace. “Several crew members walked off the set due to concerns over gun safety procedures, other safety issues and COVID protocols not being followed” reports Variety. Many crew members have reported to the supposed inconvenience of the set as well. Lodgings were apparently not made readily available and some workers had to drive as far as an hour away to sleep for the night. Many crew members had been replaced during the shoot. 

This is not out of the realm of possibility for film shoots. Many shoots last as long as 12 hours, and that is on the low end, as Baldwin’s letter confirms. The New Mexico Occupational Health and Safety Bureau has since launched an investigation into the matter which may have prompted Alec Baldwin’s letter. The letter vehemently defends the set, stating that it was not chaotic. Baldwin states that the letter was not at the behest of any producers. In fact, he claims it was on behalf of the cast and crew and did not have the approval of Rust‘s producers. 

Alec Baldwin appeared in his first sit-down interview to speak on the matter with ABC News. George Stephanopolous interviewed the actor and Baldwin expressed his confusion about how the tragedy came to pass. He denied any knowledge of how the bullet ended up in the gun. He was at odds with how the tragedy occurred, unsure of how it even happened (via People).  The actor is not the only one who is being looked to for explanations. 

Armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed was the on-set armorer for Rust. While Alec Baldwin has been accused of firing the gun on the set, Gutierrez-Reed was the one in charge of all the props on set. Many have questioned if she should have been aware that there was a live round in the chamber as she inspected all of the prop guns before use. As of the date of Baldwin’s interview, no charges have been filed. Gutierrez-Reed and her legal team continue to maintain that they have no idea how the live round ended up on set (ABC News). Gutierrez-Reed’s team has posited the theory that this was the result of on-set sabotage. So far, no such findings have been revealed.