Richard Simmons Reveals Heartbreaking Cancer Diagnosis

By Robert Scucci | Published

Richard Simmons, best known for his Sweatin’ to the Oldies aerobics videos, has recently opened up about his skin cancer diagnosis. The 75-year-old fitness icon first made a number of cryptic posts on his Facebook page, suggesting that he was near death, but has since cleared the air and explained his entire situation to the relief of his legions of loyal followers. His most recent post suggests that the surgical procedures he underwent were successful in removing the cancer under his right eye and that this all happened so many years ago.

Concern Among His Fans

It all started on March 18, 2024, when Richard Simmons told his Facebook followers, “Please don’t be sad. I am … dying.” Naturally, this post sparked a considerable amount of concern among his fan base, but that was not his intention. Simmons simply wanted to urge his followers to live their lives to the fullest because, in his own words, “Every day we live, we are getting closer to death.”

Cancer Treatments

Richard Simmons made a number of follow-up posts that detailed the discovery and treatment of his cancer and gave a long-winded (and quite colorful) explanation of the entire ordeal. When Simmons noticed a lump under his right eye that wouldn’t go away, he reached out to his dermatologist, who then referred him to a cancer doctor after diagnosing him with Basal Cell Carcinoma. After a series of minor surgeries that involved burning the cancer cells out of the growth, Simmons’ doctor successfully removed all of the cancer.

Urged Fans To Get Checked Out

richard simmons

In his heartfelt recounting of events, Richard Simmons used his platform to urge his followers to go see their doctor if they discover a spot on their body. Knowing how fortunate he is, Simmons was quick to mention that his cancer diagnosis was minor compared to other patients he encountered in the waiting room while waiting for his relatively quick treatment. After his procedure concluded, his doctor checked the rest of his body for any abnormalities and provided him with a topical cream that he “applied religiously” so he wouldn’t have a scar from the procedures.

Apologized For Causing Worry

Acknowledging the dramatic delivery of his original post, Richard Simmons apologized to his followers, stating that he should have chosen his words a little more carefully. In another follow-up post, he mentioned that this all happened “so many years ago” and that he wrote his post in order to urge anybody reading to go see their doctors right away if they see a spot on their body because it could be something serious. In the classic Richard Simmons fashion, all of his posts were incredibly positive, and hopefully, his message resonates with his 427,000 Facebook followers.

Infectiously Positive

Though his initial post stirred up quite a bit of controversy, Richard Simmons’ followers truly appreciated his willingness to pull the curtain back and walk them through the entire story from start to finish. His infectiously positive attitude was met with an incredible amount of support, and there are thousands of comments across all of the posts thanking him for being so transparent about what he went through.

This won’t be the last update that we hear from Richard Simmons, as he is most certainly alive and well. But in an ideal world, this will be the last time he has to deal with cancer.