One New Crime Thriller Has Been Dominating On Netflix For Weeks

By April Ryder | Published

Guy Ritchie’s new Netflix series The Gentlemen is everything his 2019 movie by the same name was not. In the U.S., the series has been on the top ten charts for the streamer ever since its release on March 7, 2024. Though it’s only capped at number three in the U.S., The Gentlemen has hit number one in several countries over the past three weeks, Australia and the United Kingdom being among them. 

The Gentlemen Series Is Better Than The Original Film

The newly released series, The Gentlemen, stars Theo James as Edward “Eddie” Horniman (Freddy’s younger, calmer, and more trustworthy brother), Kaya Scodelario as Susie Glass (head of a crime family), Daniel Ings as Freddy Horniman (Eddie’s older, drug-addicted brother), and Joely Richardson as Lady Sabrina Horniman (Eddie and Freddy’s mother who tries to keep them out of trouble). 

Though it is considered a “spin-off” or “remake” of the 2019 movie, The Gentlemen is more of a story with some similarities to the film. The plot of the show centers around Theo James’ character, Eddie, and his older brother, Freddy. 

Thrust Into A World Of Crime

When their father dies, Freddy expects the estate to be left to him (being the firstborn son), but things don’t go quite as he expects. Eddie is named the new Duke of the estate instead, and the new steward quickly finds that there’s a lot more to his inheritance than money and Halstead Manor. 

The Gentlemen’s to-and-fro struggle between oppositional brothers is a recurring theme in Ritchie’s films/shows. The brothers’ inability to make it through a conversation without some level of vulgarity and aggression is entertaining. 

An Amazing Cast Of Characters

The first episode of the series does contain a drawn-out, immature spot where everyone says “cock” as many times as possible (reminiscent of the “meow” gag in Super Troopers), but once the genitalia jokes have passed, the show settles into a more rhythmic tone. 

However, part of the joy of engaging with Guy Ritchie’s work is watching his characters’ relentless journey to poke, pry, and criticize each other. In The Gentlemen, Eddie’s relationship with Susie is another point of engagement and interest for viewers. 

A Win-Win Deal Doesn’t Quite Work Out

Susie is the daughter of a powerful crime family, who grows marijuana on the land of broke aristocrats and gives them a cut of the action to keep their estates intact. When Eddie’s father was still alive, he made a deal with Susie’s family (the Glass family) permitting them to use the Halstead land for their operation. 

Guy Ritchie’s Most Annoying Character Ever

the gentlemen

Now, Eddie wants out of the business. The Gentlemen makes perfect use of the drive of the two leading characters being pushed in separate directions, all the while highlighting the entangled and undeniable chemistry between the pair. 

The dynamic between Freddy and Eddie also makes the show work well. Freddy might be the most annoying character Guy Ritchie has ever brought to screen but Eddie’s cool demeanor nicely offsets his spastic nature. 

A Guide To Being A Gentleman

To top off the excitement, every episode of The Gentlemen includes a well-placed dialogue about what a “gentleman” does. If you want in on the buzz, you can watch the whole first season of the show streaming on Netflix.