Rocket Raccoon And Groot Kick Ass In Art From Their New One-Shot Comic

Guardians of the GalaxyFrom watching the trailers for Marvel’s upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy, we’ve learned that Rocket Raccoon (voiced by Bradley Cooper) has been travelling with the seven-foot-tall alien tree Groot (voiced by Vin Diesel), and that the two BFFs have been working together for some time. They’re certain to have some adventures over the course of the movie itself, but, especially after you hear about their rap sheets, you know they’ve had plenty of adventures on their own before hooking up with Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) and the others. Because Marvel still does publish comic books, you may have forgotten that, they’re putting out a one-off that follows the two space outlaws, and we have a new look at some of the artwork.

In addition to the new book, Rocket also has a solo title set to coincide with Free Comic Book Day—which happens to fall on Saturday, May 3 this year—and that will precede a new ongoing title from writer and artist Skottie Young which kicks off in July. July will also see the release of the novel Rocket Raccoon and Groot Steal the Galaxy by Dan Abnett. Because Guardians of the Galaxy isn’t one of their more widely known titles, Marvel is doing just about everything they can think of to give audiences some idea of what they’re getting into.


Farscape: Everything You Need To Know About The Comics Before The Movie

FarscapeEaster weekend is all about death and resurrection for the Christians of the world, but even the secular Farscape fans had something to celebrate this past weekend. While doing a panel at Wondercon in Anaheim, creator Rockne S. O’Bannon said that a Farscape spinoff movie is indeed in the works. That confirmed rumors from earlier this year, when writer Justin Monjo revealed that he was writing a script for a Farscape movie. A smaller but important element is that it sounds like the events of the Farscape movie will follow those of the BOOM! Studios comics, with the movie picking up many years later, with John and Aeryn’s son D’Argo now 19 years old and all three living in hiding on Earth.

Both O’Bannon and Farscape novelist Keith R. A. DeCandido handled the writing duties on the comics, so it’s no surprise that they’ve got the official stamp as “canon.” However, we realize not every Farscape fan is a comic book fan. Maybe you just want the Cliffs Notes version without having to read through the Farscape comic series and its various spin-offs and tie-ins. Well don’t worry, ‘scapers, we’ve got your back. Here’s everything you need to know about the comics before eventually diving into the newly announced movie.

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Comic(s) Relief: Flash Gordon Returns To Battle Ming In A New Ongoing Series

FlashCovSmallComics have been recycling, revamping, and rebooting their characters nearly as long as there have been comics. As somebody who’s been reading and collecting for around 30 years at this point, I can’t even guess how many new “#1” issues I’ve seen for long-running characters over the years. Sometimes it’s just a publicity stunt to generate heat for a floundering series, and sometimes it’s something much bigger, like DC’s “New 52” universe-wide reboot. But where it can be more worthwhile is in visiting characters that aren’t as popular as they once were and giving them a new spin. Characters like the iconic pulp hero Flash Gordon, who is returning to the comics page today in a new series from Dynamite Entertainment.

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Comic(s) Relief: Dark Horse’s Gorgeous Aliens/ Predator/ Prometheus Covers

AVP1Fans were chomping at the bit when it was revealed that Ridley Scott’s Prometheus was indeed a prequel set in the world of the Alien films. And while Prometheus disappointed many due to script problems and lunk-headed characters, it was still gorgeous, full of ideas, and a voyage that left us craving more of one of cinema’s most compelling science fiction settings. While a Prometheus sequel is in the works, fans won’t have to wait until it hits theaters to explore more of that universe. Dark Horse is launching Fire and Stone, an interconnected set of comic miniseries this fall, exploring and further uniting the worlds of the Prometheus, Aliens, and Predator films. Whatever revelations await us, one thing is clear: the cover art is bloody gorgeous.

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Captain Power Could Return As A Comic Book, With Neal Adams Providing Art

CapLineupIf you were a wee sci-fi fan coming of age in the 1980s, there’s a chance you might recall a Saturday-morning series called Captain Power and the Soldiers of The Future. If you think that sounds like just a thinly veiled vehicle to sell toys, you would be right — but only half right. See, while the show was indeed shilling for a toy line, the creative forces behind the show, including a young up-and-coming writer named J. Michael Straczynski, had something more ambitious in mind, creating a show that was surprisingly dark and well ahead of its time. Well, now Captain Power may be staging a comeback, and legendary comic artist Neal Adams could be along for the ride.


Comic(s) Relief: The Tenth And Eleventh Doctors’ Adventures Will Continue In Upcoming Series

TenNo matter how much you love any given incarnation of the Doctor, his adventures must inevitably draw to a close at some point. Of course, that’s the case with any story — they can’t just carry on forever (as my class-action lawsuit against The NeverEnding Story will attest) — but the nice thing about Doctor Who is that, every time one Doctor bows out, another takes the stage. I’m certainly looking forward to seeing what Peter Capaldi brings to the table, but having just rewatched the show’s modern seasons, I do feel a little bit nostalgic about David Tennant and Matt Smith’s respective takes on the time lord. If you feel the same, we’ve got some good news: two new ongoing comic book series will chronicle further “untold” adventures of the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors!

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